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Thika Town Today this morning did an impromptu street survey to determine how Thika residents took the news that Kenyans expect bumper harvest from the Galana irrigation project, considering that they have had to grapple with high maize flour prizes. 

Majority of those our street paparazzi spoke to were optimistic that the government's move would reduce the price of maize flour by half, thus easing their budgetary expenses and cost of living.

“We are hungry. A 2-kg packet of maize flour in Kenya is now retailing at Kshs 120, up from Kshs 45 six months ago. This has driven the cost of living through the roof, given that a majority of Kenyans today live below the poverty line at less than 1dollar a day. Our leaders must do something to reduce further the prices of unga, kerosene and petrol. Otherwise, I don't see why they should be in office,” said Michael Maina, a graduate who sells watermelons at Madaraka Market.

“Tell the CS Irrigation Mr. Eugene Wamalwa that our lives are no longer there because the cost of living is too high. If that project will subsidise the prices of all essential commodities, then we support it fully,” he added.

“Tunataka bei ya unga iteremke,” Lydia Mweni, a vegetable vendor in Makongeni Phase 4 said. 
“Kama Uhuru anatujali sisi wananchi wa chini ateremshe bei ya chakula. Tunaumia sana na watoto wetu,” she added.

She said that the price of 2kg of unga must reduce to Kshs.40.00.
“Kama hiyo mradi itatatusaidia kupunguza bei (ya unga) iwe 40, bas.. Ni mzuri sana,” she quipped.

The Sh14 billion project that is being carried out by an Israeli firm, Green Arava, is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta's plan to enhance food security in the country. 

The Government looks forward to harvesting 20,000 bags of maize from a 500-acre model farm within the project. Currently, there are 375,000 acres of land under irrigation, and the Government plans to increase this to one million in the next five years.

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