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Makongeni police today rescued a man from being lynched by irate mob who pounced on him for allegedly trying to steal a motorcycle. The suspect is said to have been ferried from the BAT junction in Makongeni to Kiganjo. 

On arrival at Corner one, he gave the rider, Jackson Musyoka, sh500 to deduct his fee. Since Musyoka did not have enough money to give as change, he went to look for it at a nearby shop, leaving the passenger behind. 

Upon being left with the bike, the suspect attempted to ride away with the bike whose engine coincidentally was still on. Musyoka's colleagues saw what had transpired and made efforts to block his escape path.

"Were it not that he fell into a ditch some few metres from where we had stopped to look for the balance, he could have fled," said Musyoka. 

Kiganjo Boda Boda Association Chairman Patrick Muiruri explained to our team that such cases were common in the area especially during the night.

"We have been urging our members to be extra careful because you do not know who your passenger is," he said. 

The man has his gods to thank for prompt reaction by Makongeni Police officers who were on patrol rescued him from lynching. 

He is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow morning.

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