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Majority of Thika Town residents are complaining of water shortage in their houses and now fear saying  contracting water borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Many of them are now being forced to use water from unknown sources.

Residents of Ngoingwa, Witeithie, parts of Makongeni , Kisii Estate, Kimathi and Pilot have been for the last one month complained of no water in their taps leaving them with no option but to source water from different sources. The worst affected are those living in self-contained houses since they have to live with the filthy stench coming from their washrooms. Pleas to Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) to come to their aid has fallen on deaf ears.

They are now appealing to the county government to come to their aid and rescue the situation. They fail to comprehend why the water department is swift to disconnect water for late clearance of bills but they could not apply the same speed to provide this vital necessity whenever a problem like this occurred.

Some claim that they are going for days without a bath and whenever they had one they did what is popularly known to bachelors as a 'passport'. They say that provision of water was a county government responsibility and the County Government of Kiambu had no option but to ensure that they get their right to water.

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