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Tenants of Bus Park area behind Makongeni Police Station were early this morning woken up to wails of a lady inside an abandoned kiosk behind the Makongeni Mosque, on your way to Kisii Estate. Upon rushing to answer the distress call, they discovered that it was Karìmi, a young lady of unsound mind giving birth all by herself. By God's grace, she had delivered a handsome bouncing baby but nothing much to cover him.

Upon realizing what was going on, women in the area mobilized each other and assisted her in the necessary post-natal emergency care. They provided her with clothing for the healthy looking baby and made sure she and her baby were warm. They then prepared some uji and tea as Karimi looked frail, weak and hungry.

A big crowd gathered there, most of whom were unaware of what was happening since everything was being done in utmost secrecy to avoid causing a scene. When they were through, one neighbour to that area called the area MCA Madam Hussein Muthoni who instructed them to take her to AMA Health Centre (Mosque) for specialized care before she (the MCA) arrived in the health facility for further action.

 The members of public summoned the area police who came in their Toyota Land cruiser. Convincing her to get out of the kiosk was a very hard task. It took more than half an hour for her to agree to get out. Eventually, Karimi, her newborn son and several women were driven off to the health centre where she was well received by the staff.

Those who frequent Makongeni , especially near the market must have seen this insane young girl who had previously been sleeping along the fence near the Police Station. That is the poor girl that a very sane man impregnated. It was alleged that since Karimi changed site to that abandoned kiosk, neighbours had on several occasions seen a 'married' man with a family of his own, sneaking into that kiosk and enjoying the fruits of that mad girl. In the process, the poor girl conceived and was left to care for her pregnancy. 

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