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Parents of Levis Mbira Kamau are appealing to the members of public who might have seen this boy to inform them or contact the nearest police station. 

Lewis is a 14 year old FORM 1 student at Kirirwa Secondary School in Murang'a South Sub-County, on your way to Kariua, via Kabati. He left home on the on the 3rd of July heading to school after the mid-term break. After doing some shopping, the mom escorted him to the main bus station where he boarded a matatu to Kariua. They bid each other goodbye and the mother left, leavin Levis in the matatu which had not yet left.
Towards the end of this term, Mama Kevin (Levis' mom) called Kirirwa school administration to make arrangements with them how she would send Levis' fare back home. That is when the school principal informed her that her son never reported back after the mid-term break.

This shocked the mom so much since all through she had thought that her son was in school. That was a cool one month later. The family have looked for him in all the places they would have suspected him to go but in vain. they have contacted relatives  but none have wind of the whereabouts of this young boy. He is said to be having no issues at home or at his school so that is what is worrying the family more.They have reported the issue with the police but there has been no possitive news yet.
They are now appealing to anyone who might have seen their son to contact them on 0723 531 050 or 0723 575 329 or report to the nearest police station.

As for Levis, if you are out there and reading this note, please note that your mommy and family miss you. They are in deep agony because of your absence.They are pleading with you to come back home and if there is any issues you would like to square with them, they are more than willing to sit down with you and come up with a solution. Mommy and everyone at home are in tears and waiting for you to rejoin your loving family.

 Levis, Please come back home. Home is where you belong.

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