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Mia Africa Sacco Ltd. last evening held a networking and member sensitization 'get-together' at their offices in Makongeni, Thika. With the theme of the meeting being 'Committing Myself To The 5 Habits of a Millionaire', members were taught through the steps towards being Kenyans next millionaires within the next two years.

Facilitated by their able chairperson Mr. Sam Chege, aka MC SAM, they had a quite cultivating session on the habits to instill in their day-to-day activities that would place them on the path to success.

After the capacity building session, the members agreed to start a new product in their Sacco to venture in real estate. By contributing money towards the kitty, the Sacco facilitate them to acquire land and eventually own their homes. They also agreed to start a welfare department to cater for emergencies among the members and their families.

Mia Africa Sacco Ltd caters for both small and large scale traders who aim to save and invest since they are the ones that most likely to lack an investment platform at their disposal. They can later use it to secure a loan either as a group or individually. For quite a long time, most people, especially the youth, couldn't save money because most Saccos were for the well to do people.  Mia Afrika Sacco was established to give them a chance to save a minimum of 100 per week, or 400 per Month.

It is only recently that Mia  Africa Sacco signed am M.O.U. with Jungle Nut Foundation that will enable their members access Interest Free Loans.

 Among the benefit of saving with Mia Africa Sacco include getting consultancy services  on among others;
  • facilitation on the registration of companies,
  • facilitation on the registration of business names,
  • advice on investment,
  • business insurance advice,
  • Training and capacity business to self-help groups,
  • acts as a information centre on county and business opportunities.

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