King'ara Foundation has donated foodstuff and clothes to Gakinywa age-group members that is made up of elderly men and women. Mr. Simon King'ara, a local philanthropist in Thika Town and the founder of the Foundation said that families had neglected their obligation to take care of  the elderly amongst them, urging well wishers to extend a helping hand.

“A number of elderly people have been neglected by their close families and this calls for intervention by well wishers. I have a mission to help those who are underprivileged in society to enable them enjoy live like other members of society,” said King'ara.

He pledged to continue assisting those in need to help them improve their lives. He also urged families not to forsake their elderly and assist them where necessary.
“I 'm calling to society to take care of elders and other less fortune people,’ said King'ara.

He further urged the county government of Kiambu to help in improving the living standards of elderly by providing an elderly fund equivalent to the one provided by the national government.

“The devolved units should also borrow a leaf from National government by introducing an elderly fund for the aged,” said King'ara.

The elderly who received the donations thanked the foundation for its humanitarian aid and called for more organisations to step in and help them improve their living conditions.