It is that time of the year again that Kenyan parents dread so much. The 'menace' are out of 'detention' and back into our living rooms and with them they come along with all kinds of headaches and heartaches.
Thika Town this morning was decorated with all colours of uniformed students streaming back home for the August holidays. Matatus plying to Thika Town from its outskirts had a booming business ferrying students to their various destinations. They made a kill by overcharging these kids exorbitant fares, sometimes three times the normal rates. Commuters using those routes had to bear the consequences since mathree crew evaded them by heading to the gates of these school to collect these treasured tourists.
Overloading was not an issues since in some matatus the students were even sitting on one another. Some ferried them dangerously with students riding with heads out of the windows, shouting loudly to announce their arrival. Matatus with loud music and the popular 'nganyas' were the biggest beneficiaries.
 Upon arrival to the CBD, snacks joints, stalls that 'burn' CDs and supermarkets were their next catch. Jubilant students could be seen idling and loitering around town in groups,pairs or individually and at times making scenes to draw attention of schools of the opposite gender. Some of them especially the boys had partly changed into home gear to disguise their identity. 

Now that they are back, 'Team Mafisi' are their next predators. They are on red alert to take advantage of the innocent girls. Entertainment joints have prepared 'Welcoming home parties/bash' this weekend to rob them of the remnants of their pocket money.

The sole loser in all this are the poor parents. They have to pay dearly for the next thirty days or so.

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