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Some boys playing football this morning in Makongeni Phase IV
 For the well-to-do parents, some have organized camps, retreats and other special programs for their kids to help them ease off from the school hustles.  Others have sent their kids to 'shags' just to avoid the challenges that come with the 'Home Alone' kids. A few more have already enrolled their children for private tuition.

Well, a spot check by our Thika Town Today crew on this Day 1 of the August holidays has revealed how Thika kids kicked off their their vocation.

 The very young kids made it to the usual kids play like role play where the acted 'baba na mama'. Small girls could be seen skipping rope, wading on dirty water and such childish stuff.
Boys could be seen playing football, making toys and kites or even riding bikes. We too came across a group of boys in Makongeni with a pack of dogs going for 'hunting'. Joints offering play station services were fully packed with boys playing video games.

Bigger boys and girls, especially those in secondary schools, were seen wandering about the estates while others sat outside the residential houses, either in groups or individually, gossiping and playing planks on each other. We also witnessed others just sitting alone either browsing the net or listening to music via the cellphones.
Within the living rooms, the residential houses were turned into noise pollutants. The kids tried to outdo each other as to whose home theatre was the most powerful. One would be forgiven to mistake our living houses for disco discotheques. Some made the situation worse by singing along with their favourite hits as loudly as their voice could hit. Our crew also came across some kids bossing around their house-helps and demanding all sorts of services.

We also witnessed toddlers accompanying their parents to work all in the name of making sure then parent kept an eye on them every minute. We saw non-uniformed kids move to various schools and residential houses for private holiday tuition. In one very unfortunate case, we saw a young girl hawking tomatoes in the residential houses. On questioning her, she informed us that her mom, a single parent, sold tomatoes in Madaraka Market and she had been sent to sell the tomatoes at least to supplement her mom's earnings for the day.

By the time we went to press, we had witness so much stuff that these school going kids are doing in the name of spending the holidays. So, as you struggle so hard to make ends meet and make a life for your kid, do you know exactly how your son or daughter is spending their free time?

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