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Part of the crowd of football fans watching the MAN UTD v Tottenham at Klub Porkiez Thika on Saturday afternoon.

By all means, their own reaction to the start of this league demonstrated for sure that it is the most popular international league throughout the world but honestly, there is no country that has demonstrated high levels of die hardness to this league at an astonishing state like Kenya. All the day's programs was adjusted in favour of the E.P.L. Everyone did their best to make sure they didn’t fail to spot even a second of the on goings in the game.

Early Saturday afternoon, our paparazzi team spotted football fans discussing in groups from various spots in Thika Town about how long they had waited for this and how the expected the top flight teams to perform this season. Some could be seen inquiring about the fixtures so that they would not miss a second of the action by their favourite teams.

 “The break was very boring as I missed to watch this entertaining and tough league. The weekends have been so boring and quite long. Thank God the league is here,” said Johnny, the self imposed patron of the Wembly Arena opposite Family Bank on Uhuru Street.

At the 'Emirates Grounds' near Starlight Bar & Butchery, Absolo a.k.a. Arsene Wenger stressed how this season Arsenal would clinch the league after a decade in the cold.

Come a few minutes to 3:00pm, just before the MAN UTD v Tottenham kick off, all these Kamukunjis broke up and everyone dashed into various joints to enjoy the game.

All joints were packed to capacity. Those running club businesses took advantage of huge crowds to mount big screens that attracted their customers. Joints such as Klub Porkiez, Image, Maze, Thorntons, Tamasha, excetera, had multi-screens that gave the viewers the option to watch different matches 'live'. To have an edge over their competitors, some joints offered Wi-fi facilities to enable their patrons access internet for free and to keep tabs with their pals on social media.

The noises emanating from these joints were deafening as rival fans shouted each other down. Each time a goal was scored, the halls broke down in a hell of noise from the enthusiast supporters.

All these merry and partying went on till some minute past nine when the final whistle was blown to signal the end of the Chelsea v Swansea City match. The fans streamed out of the halls into their various destinations, leaving Thika Town to its customized 'night-runners'.

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