Kiandutu chief Daniel Waiguru has praised youths living in slums for the intensified fight against insecurity and criminal activities. Speaking on Saturday in a security meeting held at Kianjau, the chief said that he is closely working with his assistants and the public in identifying the areas which are still affected by the insecurity issues so as to ensure they deal with them.

He said that the area is safer than ever since the war against illicit brews .

“I have time to rest now that the criminals reformed and they reformed from alcohol too. The area is safe to anyone intending to visit since the illicit brews were seized in this area,” Waiguru said.

He added that the lighting of Kiandutu has improved the lives of the residents and noted that his security patrols and raid have now become easier as the criminal dens that used to be fearful are now enlightened and easy to penetrate.

He has called for the support from the public in providing tip-offs to the security officers to ensure they keep the area safe now that the NYS has cleaned the area and making it more beautiful.