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Thika Town has over the years been establishing an economy of its own that included an element of competition, level of ambition and innovation. Despite tough socio-economic conditions, Thika Town's older and new generation entrepreneurs have shrived to prove their self-worth as viable business enterprises and constantly - and increasingly over time - contributed to the incremental improvement of the economy.

Previously, it was known as an industrial hub and referred to as the Birmingham of Kenya. Even after the collapse of many industries in Kenya in the mid 80s and early 90s, Thika Town never looked back. It continued with its entrepreneurship nature and looked outside the box, diversifying its business ventures by plunging itself into a variety of different commercial ventures. Small, medium and large-sized businesses have over time made the most of the area’s entrepreneurial spirit, driving jobs creation and attracting inward investment.

The Commurbanism wave has caught up with its populace whose desire to live in and be associated with this community over the city of Nairobi is unchallenged. Thika is hot. Thika is hip and Thika is attracting real investment. Nairobi City is a mosaic of Thika Town that share a common economic market.

It is slowly but surely exhibiting its potential for growth and a great place for businesses to locate, expand or start-up. It is become a business hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. Technology has continued to accelerate the pace of change in Thika Town, creating new occupations and enabling a real workplace resulting in unprecedented levels of product and service output along with growing work-life balance challenges.

One area that Thika Town is beating all odds is in the area of education. The town boasts of numerous and very successful learning institutions right from the kindergarten to the tertiary level. We can rightly now refer to Thika Town as a Hotbed of learning institutions.

The growth of a simple venture such as Thika Institute of Technology (TIT) into a multi-billion investment package that is now Mount Kenya University (MKU) has inspired so many Thikarians into the sector. Thika Town now boasts of a wide range of successful institutions which can only be second to Nairobi City. Students all over the country come here to get education. The growth of this sector really transformed the economy of this town. Thika Town is now on the brink of a major wave of investments that is transforming its economy for the 21st century.

The areas around these institutions have evolved into major economic hubs with financial benefits being felt on the ground within households and businesses sorrounding them. Developers have rushed to create commercial, residential and mixed-use developments on all the empty sites near these institutions and especially the areas surrounding MKU. Small and medium-sized businesses in this locality have flourished and created numerous new jobs. These businesses have come a long way as sources of economic power more important than heretofore credited.

Life in the once quiet Ziwani Estate, the dormant Ofafa, Starehe and Jamuhuri (T.O.D.C.) Estates, the forgotten Pilot Estate and YMCA area has really seen some massive transformation and evolution. The once poorly stocked kiosks are now well stocked due to availability or ready and guaranteed cliente. Roadside fruits and juice vendors, mtumba sellers, food & snacks joints, cyber cafes, M-PESA shops excetera have become the landmark feature within these areas. New flats and hostels have cropped up especially between Thika High School and Thika Medical
Training Institute (Formerly Trikha Girls) and near YMCA, creating a great source of income to the landlords. The transport business has strived with PSV matatu, bodaboda, tuktuk and taxi operators reaping the sweet fruits of the boom. The students have also livened up the entertainment industry in the town since they are regulars at entertainment joints every other day.

Well, to cut a long story short, Thika Town is just a "work in progress" striving to meet goals in critical areas. We are not there. So, Nairobi City should watch its back lest it finds itself being robbed off its capital city status by Thika.

As for you, why be left out? Jump into the train before it departs the station and be part of the success story.

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