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 Friday evening was a total mess as all roads in and out of Thika Town became a parking lot. Vehicles getting out of town via Kenyatta Highway stretched all the way from Barclays Bank to the Garissa Road junction.

Makongeni motorists had the roughest time since Kenyatta Highway was closed at the railway bridge near Pilot Estate. This meant that no vehicle could use that route past the vehicle inspection unit near YMCA. The result of that meant that they had to either use General Kago Road or opt to pass via the dusty exit road that passes near Thika Fire Station.

The section of the road that was closed near Pilot

The jam at General Kago Road extended all the way from Thika Level 5 Hospital to the junction near Bidco. Those using Garissa Highway from Nairobi had to contend with the jam from Witeithie all the way to Engen Petrol Station near Makongeni Phase 13. The ones from Makongeni were not lucky either. The snarl up extended the whole distance to the exit to Thika Superhighway.

Police had a hectic time trying to unlock the jam in all those roads. The few naughty motorists who tried to overlap got a rude shock since the police punished them by making them park on the sides till the jam subsided.

The situation was that bad till late into the night. 

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