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In an intel report released by the National Intelligence Service (NIS), some students in various universities in Kenya and neighboring countries have been recruited by Al Shabaab terrorists to advance their bloody cause.

Here are some of the names of students recruited by the Al Qaeda linked terror group and their universities;-

1. Ahmed Iman– JKUAT - Head of video and propaganda for Al Shabaab

2. Lukeman Osman Isa- Uganda University - Participated in the recent Boure attack

3. Abdulrahman Abdullahi– UoN - Was among the attackers at Garissa University

4. Sadil Abdalla- International University of Africa School of Medicine - Arrested on his way to Somalia

5.Abdul Hajira– UoN - Blew himself up at Pangani Police Station killing 2 police officers.

The Government recently warned that the terrorist group has infiltrated universities in Kenya and neighbouring countries and is busy recruiting top students in campuses to carry out terror attacks.
This comes even as the Government, through the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, said plans were underway to arrest radicalization of students in universities.

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