Thika Town was a beehive of activities especially along Thika-Garissa Highway as Mount Kenya University held their 8th graduation ceremony today. Kenyans from all walks of life thronged the MKU Pavilion Ground near The 12th Engineering Barracks early on this chilly Friday morning, in their thousands to witness their loved one go over this great milestone in life. The location was greeted with a fashion spree where men and women alike dressed to kill, at least in respect for the graduants.

Traffic on Garissa Road was at a snail pace as it stretched over 10km spilling over to Ndarugo in Juja along Thika Superhighway. Traffic police had a hectic time controlling the motorists. Vehicles coming into the CBD from Nairobi were guided to do so only via Kenyatta Highway at Gatitu. Graduants from Murang'a, Meru, Nyeri, etc were diverted at the Del Monte shop near Moi Primary school, to pass through the Del Monte Farms all through to emerge at BAT, Makongeni. The road on your way Blue Posts Hotel was used as an exit route.

Hundreds of vehicles could be seen parked all the way from Landless Estate all through to Makongeni especially on the Vehicle Inspections Ground opposite Makongeni Police Station. Majority of the graduants, their friends and relatives had to contend with walking for about 3km to reach the venue.

Bodaboda riders and tuktuks had a business opportunity of a lifetime ferrying those who couldn't walk. It costed one sh. 200 and sh300 to ride from town to the pavilion ground on a bodaboda and tuktuk respectively. Those who boarded the 2TS and Chania Sacco matatus parted with sh 50 but had to walk for about 2km since majority of them dropped them at the Gacagi Junction opposite Naivas supermarket.

At the pavilion gates, long parades could be seen as every entrant had to be inspected of arms.Security was tight in and around the venue. Nothing was taken for granted. The KDF took vigil to guard their yard from any external attacks.

 'Team Enterprise' were at hand to provide the visitors with drinks and snacks, and of course, our trademark the sweet juicy pinneapples from Gakoe. Others took them 'instant' photos as the rest sold flowers and banquets.

Meanwhile, away from the venue, Thika Town residents were very busy doing business as usual. One would be forgiven to visit the CBD and not notice of a major function happening in our environs. The town centre only got busier after the graduation ceremony when some of the graduants and their relatives came to enjoy Thika's delicious meals and especially our mouth-watering pork choma.

 Madaraka Market in Makongeni was very busy trading their wares especially being a market day. The situation in the residential and work places was just normal.
Late in the afternoon, the vehicles were marshalled to follow the same routes they used in the morning into town.

Anyway, on behalf of the Thika Town Today
crew, we congratulate all the graduants and wish them a bright future.

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