Thika traffic department and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers this morning impounded about 22 vehicles during a crackdown by the  to net traffic offenders on Garissa Road.The crackdown follows a series of accidents on the road raising concerns over the number of deaths and casualties experienced since last month where over 30 people have died and scores seriously injured.

Thika Deputy Traffic Base Commander John Lisoi who led the operation, said that most of the seized vehicles were unroadworthy. On their part, the drivers were either driving recklessly, overspeeding or overloading. According to Mr. Lisoi, some of the drivers have tampered with speed governors.

He assured the members of public  that they were not targeting any specific group of vehicles but they  impounded both public service vehicles and private cars.
The officer said that they are targeting to remove all unroadworthy vehicles from the road to ease traffic and also curb accidents.

He noted that there is need to train bodaboda operators on traffic rules to stem motorbike accidents.
Lisoi who was speaking at Makongeni said the operation will to extend into the weekend.