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Ngoliba MCA Grinson Ngige has said that criminal and immorality cases reported in the area were caused by idleness since most of the youths in Thika were unemployed.

Speaking in Thika Town on Friday, Ngige advised youth to seek the numerous jobs in government departments, including the National Youth Service (NYS) in the ongoing slums upgrading in Thika East and West. He added that technical institutions in Kiambu were few, forcing the youths to stretch the facilities. He urged the county government to think of a way to give their best to the idling youths to ensure they do not engage in crime.

He noted that a section of reformed alcoholics had reverted to other drugs rendering them useless.

“There is need to think about them before they turn into other drugs completely and we struggle trying to reform them again. They have abandoned alcohol but they are idle and are indulging into others,” he said.

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