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The Secretary General of Thika Central Business Traders Association, Mr. Alfred Wanyoike is accusing the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) officers of harassing Traders in Thika Town. The officers are said to be soliciting bribes and threatening the traders with a Sh6000 penalty for alleged contravention of music copyright laws.

“Traders here are even finding it hard even to listen to radio for news and entertainment,” said Wanyoike.

 Wanyoike said the MCSK had not properly sensitized traders in the area concerning copyright issues related to playing music in public places.

“In my opinion, they are reaping where they did not sow. They are taking advantage of people's ignorance to rob them their hard-earned money,” he said.

However, an MCSK officer in Thika who requested anonymity as he is not allowed to speak to press, said that there has been proper awareness on mass media and no one can claim that they are ignorant of MCSK rules.

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