Thika East  police last night nabbed over 3,000 cartons of second generation brews and apprehended 14 patrons and two bar attendants. in a residential house in Ngoliba area where it is alleged that it has been selling from. The police stormed the premises immediately after some members of the public tipped off the police.

According to the area Deputy County Commissioner Solomon Komen, the culprit has been selling the alcohol  from that house for sometime now and was so smart that the security officers were never aware until yesterday when the public notified them. He said that he would deal ruthlessly with anyone contravening the directive to get rid of the alcoholic drinks.

Thika East OCPD Daniel Chacha said that they would dig deeper to see whether they were more cartons hidden in the area or elsewhere and vowed to prosecute the culprits and any other person involved in the illegal business.

“These drinks are still selling and we are on their toes because they are not licensed and these drinks were banned. Anyone caught operating bar business or in possession of these drinks will face the arm of the law,” Chacha said.

The suspects were arraigned in court this morning and police said that they are targeting anyone contravening the Mututho laws and selling the alcohol without licences as no bars have been licensed in the area.