August 2015

Kenyan athletes have arrived back in the country early  Tuesday morning after putting up a sterling performance at the just concluded 15th Edition of the IAAF Championships held in Beijing.
Upon arriving at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport they were received by by Deputy President William Ruto.
Where he lauded them for making history in the whole world a performance he termed as
For the first time, Kenya topped the
medal standing at the World
Championships, after beating Jamaica and United States of America.
The Kenyan team hauled a total of 16
medals; seven gold, six silver and three
bronze medals while Jamaica settled second and United States third.

Thika  branch Kenya National Union of Teachers  Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige has called on all Thika teachers to be on alert concerning the looming national wide strike. He echoed KNUT's Secretary General's words that the Kenyan teachers were telling the government that the window for negotiations, dialogue and opinions will close at midnight today. 

Speaking on telephone to Thika Town Today this morning, Mr Mungai said that for a very long time, teachers had endured a lot of suffering. He lamented that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) had not yet paid their August salaries.     The teachers SACCOS too had not received a coin from the TSC. This he termed as neo-slavery, TCS's own way of punishing the teachers in order to intimidate them into bowing down to pressure.

However Mr. Mungai reiterated that the teachers would not be cowed into giving to the government's under-hand tactics. He called on Thika teachers to brace themselves for a tough battle ahead adding that what they were fighting for was rightfully theirs.

"We are not asking too much from this government. just a mere 50% and we will in the classroom tomorrow early in the morning ready to disseminate knowledge to the kids we love so much. The courts ruled in our favour but there are some funny characters in government who want to make it hard for the Kenyan teacher," said Mungai.

He asked the  teachers to be all ears and heed to whatever instructions KNUT's head office will give. He was still optimistic that before midnight today, TSC will have given the teachers the good news.

"We shall not comment until the ultimatum to TSC to effect our salary increases has elapsed. After that, we shall communicate to our members and the public on the way forward," he told Thika Town Today.

The teachers' unions that have called for a strike beginning Tuesday have declined to respond to the charge by their employer that they have not issued a strike notice required before going for a strike.

On Sunday, TSC head of communications Kihumba Kamotho insisted that teachers cannot legally go for a strike since they have not given a strike notice as required by labour relations laws in the country.

 "The commission has not received any strike notice from either the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) or the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET)," he said.

"All teachers are, therefore, expected at their respective work stations from Monday 31st August 2015 performing their teaching and administrative duties,"

He insisted that the salary dispute was still at the Court of Appeal and teachers should allow the legal process to run its course. He claimed that the only dispute the commission is aware of is the Economic Dispute, which is the subject matter of an appeal in the Court of Appeal.

The Teachers Service Commission claims that the planned strike by at least 288,000 teachers countrywide cannot be legal without the employees issuing a strike notice as required by the Labour Relations laws.

Teachers' unions that have called for a strike beginning Tuesday have declined to respond to the charge by their employer that they have not issued a strike notice required before going for a strike.
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Teachers' unions that have called for a strike beginning Tuesday have declined to respond to the charge by their employer that they have not issued a strike notice required before going for a strike.
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Susan Gitau during an interview by the Thika Town Today Team
For most people, being born from a humble background translates to being poor for ever. It means living in a life of poverty all your life and eventually your generation inherits the poverty and the story goes on and on.

Susan Gitau found herself  being born from a very poor background but deep inside her she decided that her parents' fate would never kill her dream to succeed in life. Susan was born of  two great parents and lived in plenty for the first seven years of her life. Her dad had a good job and family business which used to take care of the family until sometime when Susan was about seven years old. Her dad developed some mental illness that saw him lose his job, health, income, friends and relatives. Living with a mentally sick dad was highly stigmatising both at school and community. This situation was made worse by the fact that, her mum having been forced to leave the company house after the chronic illness of her dad, took the entire family to Kiandutu slum in Thika.

The shift to Kiandutu slums was the beginning of the family's nightmares and for Susan too. The slum life life was hell. Talk of witnessing broad day murders, unrelenting noisy drunk community, robbery with violence among other vices were the order of the day and it still haunts Susan to this day. Susan knew no other relative from the lineage of both her parents by then so her nuclear family was all she knew. This led her to get so close to the slum dwellers, at least, despite all the drama there were.

Growing up in traumatic poverty never hindered Susan Gitau from achieving her dreams. In their stay at the Kiandutu slums, most of her family members turned to alcohol and lost hope in life. It hurt her so bitterly to see them lose it in desperation. She had no choice but to suffer silently. At school, she never wanted to be associated to Kiandutu due to the stigma and humiliation they went through. The entire Thika community looked down on Kiandutu residents and every evil was associated with them. At school, they would be implicated in all manner of ills even by the teachers themselves. Susan was all along dying slowly from the inside when everyone treated them in contempt.

 By the grace of GOD, Susan was able to see through primary school.  She was lucky to secure a scholarship with the Visa Oshwal Community for high school and survival income from Fr. Ruarie O'connor of Mater Hospital (died in 1997). She pursued her first university course in the University of Nairobi, thanks to Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) she managed to study bachelor of arts in education and later majored in commerce and economics.

She got her first job as a teacher at Muguru Secondary School and later and Gakarara Secondary School in Murang'a County and Kilimabogo TTC before joining KCA university as a lecturer. Currently, she is a lecturer at Africa Nazarene University - Kenya.
Susan Gitau in her work place

As fate would have it, slum life consumed her two brothers and both of her parents are dead (her dad in 1996 and her mum 1999). This affected her so much that at one time she hated Kiandutu with passion. She had even dared never to step back to that place in her life when she left school. Her younger brother's death changed all this. She had to be called from work to collect his lifeless body after he had been murdered mysteriously in the slum. She was so traumatized that it has taken her ages to get over it.

Several years down the line she did some soul searching and felt that she had an obligation to the community. She felt that she would not want anyone else to go through what she and her family went through as a result of poverty and the lack of anyone ever caring about the plight of slum dwellers and the hardships they go through on a day to day basis. 

It is for this reason, Susan decided to go back to the slums to give back the little God had blessed her with. Despite moving to Makuyu as her home now, she identifies Kiandutu slum as her home village and takes pride in the same.

Currently, Susan teaches Counseling Psychology and she is majoring in Multicultural counseling Practice, clinical supervision and counseling Practice, child and adolescent counseling as well as trauma, crisis and emergency intervention and counseling (it's no wonder you find her in the hearts of consoling victims and survivors of disasters across the country).

With a heart to give back and create opportunity for further studies for Counselors and needy students, Susan founded International Professional Counselors Centre (IPCC)  in 2006, which later gave birth to Africana College of Professionals (ACOP) and Community Counselling Resource Centre which offers free counselling services to the poor in Thika urban poor areas. 60% of the students in college are sponsored by IPCC to study in ICT, life skills, entrepreneurship and counselling.
Kariuki and Bonface one of Susan's pride of the power of mentorship. Kariuki is now with Equity Wings to fly and Bonface, cooperative bank, both studied in Kianjau primary school

Since most of the Kiandutu Slum youth never completed primary and secondary school, Susan has registered 40 of them to receive adult literacy teaching at ACOP beginning September, 2015.  She has two volunteer teachers from IPCC and is looking for more volunteers or well wishers to meet the tuition fees for the remaining 5 needed teachers.

Her aim is to offer a second chance in education to those who dropped out of school, reduce idlers who are lured into crime and alcohol and drug addiction, reduce early marriages as well as empower the scholars in job creation and placement. IPCC offers free counseling services to Kianjau Primary School, a school at the heart of Kiandutu Slum. Through her advocacy, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF Thika Barracks) in collaboration with VIVO Energy Kenya (formally Shell Oil Company) renovated the entire school .Together with her German colleague therapists, they purchased cooking pots (sufurias) for the school's feeding programme which is currently sponsored by Macheo Children Centre.

She also plays the role of social advocacy to empower parents, teachers, pupils and the girl-child through psycho-education and is currently doing entrepreneurship mentorship for 22 promising young people in the school. Despite the big burden of seeing her siblings stabilise in life, Susan spares some extra cash to support others too. She believes that  no one is too poor to give nor too rich to receive.
A group photo at Kianjau primary school

With a pupil at Kianjau Primary School

With her colleagues from Africa Nazarene University, supporting her work in Kianjau primary school

Susan with Mutua, the child cobbler in Kianjau primary school

James Mbugua, (in checked shirt) at a previous funeral)

The boy in the blue checked shirt is 17 year old James Mbugua from Githunguri kwa Maiko who is currently missing.

He got lost last Monday presumably in Kiandutu whrer he had gone to seek medical attention after injuring himself at a welding garage in Jua Kali the previous Thursday, where he had gone for a course.
He lived in a single roomed house in Athena which his uncle had rented for him.

Noone has seen or heard from him since he was last seen at the Hospital.

 Any one who sees him can contact his uncle, Mbugua on 0720 277 428 or report to the nearest police station

About fifty families are now homeless after the Kiambu government demolished their houses at Ali Juja estate.
The homeowners said the county government officials and administration police officers came with bulldozers and pulled down the buildings.
Residents of Ali Juja Estate in Juja Sub-County were Saturday morning woken up by Kiambu County Government's earth-movers pulling down their houses as police officers watched.

The Last Mile project, a mega consumer power connectivity drive launched by President Uhuru  Kenyatta in May has now landed in Thika.

Residents of Kiganjo Estate have been requested to consult with their area elders and register with their respective wazee wa kijiji who will then guide the Kenya Power & Lighting Employees to their homes for electricity connection. All they are expected to do is to instal electrical wiring in their homes first before getting connected to the national grid.

Any homestead near a KPLC transformer is now asked to liase with their Mzee Wa Mtaa who will facilitate the connection. One does not have to have money at hand. The connection fee will be deducted in instalments through the electricity bills sent by KPLC.
The programme targets households located within 600 metres of a transformer. The power consumers have the option of paying the Sh15,000 in cash or in instalments through their monthly bills, removing a major hurdle for electrification in Kenya. Kenya Power is using a new transmission line design known as the Single Wire Earthing Return (SWER) to rollout the Last Mile Connectivity Project (LMCP), giving unconnected consumers cheaper access to power.
Lowering the cost of connectivity will also come as a relief to thousands of rural consumers who have been aspiring to connect their homes to the national grid but could not pay the more than Sh70,000 that Kenya Power demanded for homes located outside the 600 metres radius of a transformer. The government is shouldering all the costs of bringing transformers closer to homes.

Police update on this afternoon's Blue Post accident indicate that the driver of the ill-fated car was a robbery suspect being pursued by police for the alleged abduction and murder of a Thika businessman two weeks ago. He was allegedly accosted while attempting another robbery at Kenol area in Murang'a County but his attempts were thwarted by the police who chased his before he was involved in the accident.
Thika OCPD Erastus Muthamia said that the police were pursuing other suspected accomplices for the abduction and murder of the real estate businessman a fortnight ago.
Two people died in the accident. The driver died on the spot after losing control of his vehicle while trying to manoeuvre his way through congested traffic to outrun the officer at a high speed.
The second victim was a pedestrian who was hit by the vehicle after it veered off the road before hitting the roadside rails.
The police say the driver had not fastened his safety belt and was thrown out of the windshield where he was hit by a moving PSV vehicle.
The two bodies were taken to Bishop Gakoe Funeral home while the vehicle was impounded and taken to Thika Police Station.

Reports reaching us say that there has been an accident at blue post  where a  guy tried to outrun a speedgun police.  So, the cops followed him, he entered a petrol station and dropped his family there after which he sped off again with the police hot on his pursuit who later spiked his car.
The car veered off the road hitting the guard rails of the bridge at high speed. Since he had not fastened his safety belt, the impact threw him out of the car through the windscreen onto the road below below the bridge, dying instantly.
More to follow.

Hundreds of youth drawn from various parishes within the Archdiocese of Nairobi braved the chilly Thika weather to attend the inaugural Cultural Vigil Celebrations hosted by St.Patrick's Catholic Youth-Thika the event was held at the St. Peter The Rock Church Grounds on Saturday 28th August 2015.
The event kicked off with a celebration of Holy Mass where the Youth Chaplain Rev.Fr.Silferius Aloudo was the main celebrant.
Delivering his homily drawn from the gospel of he urged young people to be vigilant in their deeds and shun away from activities that can corrupt their morals thus misleading them from God's path.
Various activities were lined for the night including dances,cultural parade,food festivals and perfomances by local gospel acts such as Meedy Joe,Clichè,Kahawa Sukari and Kelele Takatifu.
Motivational speaker Simon Mwangi aka "Simon Says" challenged the youth to aim at building their personal brands that way it will be possible for them to survive in a world that is full of ups and downs.
Also present were Archdiocese of Nairobi Youth Officials, led by their Chairman Peter Kamene,  County Government of Kiambu officials,Hospital Ward MCA among other invited guest.

Police in Thika are holding 13 people arrested on Friday at Kamenu and Hospital Wards with over 1,500 litres of local brew and 37 cartons of second generation wines, some of which recovered in a store in Madaraka market.

Thika OCPD Erastus Muthamia and Thika District Administration Police Commander Samuel Ombonya led security personnel in the operation that lasted close to three hours which came after Ngoliba MCA, Griston Nguge complained of an increase in the number of idlers in the town who he accused of contributing to the deteriorating security in the town.

Those arrested were found either selling or consuming the brews and would be arraigned in court on Monday.

Thika is among towns in the country where crackdowns on illegal beer selling has consistently been conducted after President Uhuru Kenyatta declared war on the sale and consumption of substandard beer products.

Ngoliba MCA Grinson Ngige has said that criminal and immorality cases reported in the area were caused by idleness since most of the youths in Thika were unemployed.

Speaking in Thika Town on Friday, Ngige advised youth to seek the numerous jobs in government departments, including the National Youth Service (NYS) in the ongoing slums upgrading in Thika East and West. He added that technical institutions in Kiambu were few, forcing the youths to stretch the facilities. He urged the county government to think of a way to give their best to the idling youths to ensure they do not engage in crime.

He noted that a section of reformed alcoholics had reverted to other drugs rendering them useless.

“There is need to think about them before they turn into other drugs completely and we struggle trying to reform them again. They have abandoned alcohol but they are idle and are indulging into others,” he said.

The Secretary General of Thika Central Business Traders Association, Mr. Alfred Wanyoike is accusing the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) officers of harassing Traders in Thika Town. The officers are said to be soliciting bribes and threatening the traders with a Sh6000 penalty for alleged contravention of music copyright laws.

“Traders here are even finding it hard even to listen to radio for news and entertainment,” said Wanyoike.

 Wanyoike said the MCSK had not properly sensitized traders in the area concerning copyright issues related to playing music in public places.

“In my opinion, they are reaping where they did not sow. They are taking advantage of people's ignorance to rob them their hard-earned money,” he said.

However, an MCSK officer in Thika who requested anonymity as he is not allowed to speak to press, said that there has been proper awareness on mass media and no one can claim that they are ignorant of MCSK rules.


Newcastle United v Arsenal – 2.45pm

Stoke City v West Bromwich – 5pm

Manchester City v Watford – 5pm

Liverpool v West Ham United – 5pm

Chelsea v Crystal Palace– 5pm

Bournemouth v Leicester City – 5pm

Aston Villa v Sunderland – 5pm

Tottenham v Everton – 7.30pm

SUNDAY 30 AUG 2015

Southampton v Norwich City - 3.30pm

Swansea City v Manchester United – 6pm

Thika  branch Kenya National Union of Teachers  Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige has said Thika teachers will support the call by the union's leadership to boycott classes if their salaries are not increased. Speaking yesterday at Thika Town to members of Thika KNUT Branch, Mungai said that the court ruling on teachers’ salaries and allowances was long overdue and teachers were not ready to negotiate further about the issue.

He added that failure by the government to honour the Industrial Court ruling on the increment of their salaries will prompt teachers to down their tools.

“We will not go back to class unless the government honours the Supreme Court decision to increase our salaries," said Mungai.

He called on parents to brace for a difficulty time if the government failed to implement the increment saying the teachers would take a tough stand.

“Parents should not take their children to public schools when third term resumes if the government does not implement the ruling. No teacher will be in class," said Mungai.

He however said KNUT was not opposed to the government of the day but added that the union had to exercise its role of fighting for the rights of teachers.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers win for a significant pay rise could take a surprise turn if a fresh appeal by the government is granted, cutting short the celebrations by at least 280,000 teachers, depending on the ruling of the Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court similarly refused to stay orders on grounds that it does not have the jurisdiction to hear the matter unless an appeal case was properly before it.

“We shall definitely challenge this. The decision essentially takes away the right of the defendant to seek an appeal in a higher court on a decision made by the lower court. If this is allowed to continue, then the whole purpose of having an appeal in the Court of Appeal would be defeated. How would the government recover in terms of interruptions on its programmes and money spent to cater for teachers’ increments in the meantime should the appeal in the Court of Appeal be successful?” posed a source who sought anonymity. “Besides, the Salaries and Remunerations Commission’s constitutional mandate was bypassed in these negotiations. Basically the point is that the government appeal is active in the Court of Appeal. It has not even been heard. It is like the court telling somebody who has stolen and faked documents of land that belongs to you to continue constructions on that land even if the matter is in court so that should the court’s decision suggest otherwise, he can be asked to demolish.”

“Whereas it may be excusable for your clients’ members to chest thumb and engage in act of public rejoicing, we expect you as counsel to exercise restraint knowing that the judgement you refer to is subject to a merited Appeal,” TSC said in response to demands for pay as had been directed by the lower courts.

Should the Supreme Court rule on the application, then the legal duel between the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the the teachers unions may be far from over.

However, there are two fronts and a major twist to the case filed in the second highest court in the land. There will be a winner and a loser in the case and as such the increased pay might be grounded or the court will order that the same should continue.

A salary comparative analysis shows that teachers are already earning slightly higher than other public servants in the same job groups. The increment as directed by the courts is likely to attract protests from other civil servants. 

A serious legal battle is taking shape between the residents of Thika Sub-County and the County Government of Kiambu over the manner in which it passed and started implementing the Kiambu Finance Bill 2015-16. The outcome of this case could set precedence to court cases to countrywide seeking to address the legality of the county governments' handling of affairs and public participation.

Through its lawyer Prof. Kiama Wangai, JAMOFASTAR, an association representing the welfare of over 25,000 residents of Jamuhuri, Ofafa,  Starehe, Kimathi, Ziwani, Magoko, UTI, Teachers Quarters (Majengo), Bondeni Kamenu Estates as well Jamuhuri & Madaraka Markets in Thika Sub-County, has  given the County Government of Kiambu an ultimatum to sit down with them lest they drag it into the corridors of justice for arbitration.

They argue that Kiambu Finance Act 2015-16 imposed new taxes, fees and charges to the residents of Kiambu County without being supported by the relevant substantive/parent laws. The defined process aimed at ensuring proper public participation too was not adhered to, thus the illegality.

Secondly, they argue that the county government does not have a Tariff Policy for fees and charges which is a necessity by law. The county government is also accused of presenting for debate at their county assembly, a different Finance Bill from the one that was validated at the stakeholders' forum. They argue that in reference to the Public Finance Management Act 2012, before any presentation of any county finance bills to the members of public, Parliament must be consulted to determine if these bills are in compliance with the stipulated national economic policies and other relevant regulations which the Kiambu County Government never did.

 Furthermore, the county government is being accused of publishing and implementing the Finance Bill before being published in the Kenya Gazette as per Articles 199 and 260 of the Constitution of Kenya. Section 23 of the County Government Act provides that "a bill  shall be published y including the bill as a supplement in the county Gazette and the Kenya Gazette. They argue that the act that Kiambu adopted were 'modified proposals' by the executive arm of Kiambu County against the wishes of the stakeholders.

They are waving an olive branch to the county government by calling for a round table dialogue to iron out the contentious issues. Otherwise, if that is not honoured, they say that they will be left with no other option but to seek legal redress. Meanwhile, they are asking their members not to pay any fees,rent or charges until the matter is fully settled.

The outcome of such a case will shape the manner in which county governments in Kenya conduct business in their areas of jurisdiction. Other counties will definitely be following this case to borrow a leaf.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church Youth Thika set to host its inaugural cultural vigil celebrations today at St. Peter The Rock Church Grounds opposite Tuskys Chania.
This Year’s Theme is: Celebrating cultural diversity as catholic youths.
The overnight event will feature a display of various cultures through;
•Cultural dances
•Cultural music
•Motivational talks
•A food festival
•National curios for sale at the youth stand in the church grounds. 
They will also have APHIAPLUS Kamili Health Care providers will showcase a HIV/AIDS free culture by providing HIV Testing and Counseling services.
Loads of fun activities lined up such as Eating competition, Modeling, Dances and skits, motivational talks, Guest Artists such as Kelele Takatifu, Meedy Joe, Cliche, Ewarriors, Young Consol Harmonies
Entrance is Ksh 100.

The residents of Kisii Estate have so much to thank the County Government of Kiambu for coming to their rescue as far as the road infrastructure in the area is concerned. Roads in the estate have been a real thorn in the flesh for this residents for quite a while, especially during the rainy seasons when most of these roads are rendered impassible.
 The worst affected are the road near Mid Oil Petrol Station that divides Bus Park and Kisii Estate and the one that lead you to The Stepping Stones Academy. These two streets have been turning into a pond whenever it rained leaving the people living around those areas with no alternative but to either wade through the dirty water or walk round long routes to access their homes.

This morning when the Thika Town Today crew visited the estate, we pounced on a fleet of heavy trucks loaded with murram soil offloading it on the roads ready for leveling. The few people we talked to were so happy about this new development and were very optimistic that the water logging problem on these roads would be a thing of the past.

"It has been a big problem here when it rains. We are usually forced to walk long distances to get home and sometimes we are forced to wade through this water. I worry much when my small girl is going to school because I fear she might slip and drown in this water," said one lady we interviewed.

However, they called on the county government to go a step further and do the drainage. It is alleged that some tenants are forced to vacate their homes during rainy seasons since rain water overflows into their houses and sometimes rises as high as  their knees.

Plans by Urithi Housing Cooperative Society to venture in the education sector are underway as they aim to reduce heavy reliance on housing projects as their only source of income.
Chairman Samuel Maina said that the society will roll out the first phase of the Urithi Group of Schools before the end of the year.

Speaking during the society AGM at Ruiru Sports Club on Monday, he said that the school will be open to both members and non-members. During the AGM, members gave the Urithi board authority to borrow Sh2 billion to diversify investments.

Urithi Sacco, which is independent of the society, will be giving out loans to members to buy and develop their projects. It will be accessible to members everywhere the society has centres.

The Urithi society, which has more than 10,000 members, was established three years ago. It is now putting up a Sh1 billion project in Kilimambogo for 600 houses.

Kiganjo residents are calling on security authorities in Thika to either sack or transfer police officers working in their area for alleged laxity and failure to execute their duties diligently. They claim that illicit liquor was still being sold by a few individuals with impunity since they were getting police protection. They also complained of increased incidents of crime in the area especially at night where mugging and burglarly was ramphant.
Some of the area police officers were accused of always being drunk and were the same ones who protected the illicit brewers who paid for protection.

The residents were speaking during a meeting with Thika OCPD on Thursday morning when he toured the area after a man was found murdered in Kimuchu area. They alleged that police in the area dismissed issues of concern to them as 'minor' whenever they reported them at the station.

“When we report cases he terms them as minor and tells us to act on them on our own. If the police cannot help us then let them be sacked and we will take the responsibility of securing this area,” one of them said.

"I assure you that you that this will see change. All police officers should work to ensure everyone is protected and without any form of harassment," said the OCPD.
He further called on the public to work together to through the Nyumba Kumi community policing initiative.

The Government has concluded the collection of data from 6,500 members of  the troubled Kihiu Mwiri land buying company who are seeking a share of
1,296 acres. They are now into the second phase, which is expected to take two weeks, that will involve analysing the data to help expose those holding forged documents.

The President directed The Lands Ministry to ensure that the process of data collection, analysing, surveying and issuance of title deeds to members be complete before end of September.

The technical committee formed to investigate the controversy surrounding the troubled Kihiu Mwiri land-buying company has already received 300 complaints from members which included untraced members' certificates and multiple allocations, while some members are already living on the 1,296 acres having bigger plots than others.

Some of the share certificates presented would undergo further scrutiny in order to establish actual shareholders.

Five Members of Parliament found themselves in unfamiliar territory after they got lost in Tokyo, Japan, for two consecutive days as they desperately tried to locate the Kenyan volleyball team, which is in Japan for the FIVB World Cup.
The legislators, who travelled to Japan to support and cheer up our very own Malkia Strikers in the FIVB World Cup, arrived in Japan on Sunday without first contacting the Sports Ministry or the Kenya Volleyball Federation in Nairobi to link them up and arrange for their appointments.
And to make matters worse, they claimed to have lost the contacts of the Kenyan Embassy in Tokyo, making it even harder to trace Malkia Strikers or get help.
The MPs wandered aimlessly in the streets of the big city of Tokyo and could only watch the action on TV like the rest of you Kenyans who didn’t have to travel to Japan.
Their desperate search for the Kenyan queens yielded fruits after two days when the MPs coincidentally ended up at the 47 storied Keio Plaza Hotel, where the Malkia Strikers are based. However, they could not meet the team until the next day on Wednesday because they were still in action.
And with the help of the volleyball delegation, the MPs got the contacts of the Kenyan Embassy and were able to purchase tickets at Sh. 7,000 each to watch the Kenya versus Japan match on Wednesday evening.

A section of angry women in Kiambu on Thursday held a series of demonstrations demanding the cancellation of operation licences for buses run by Kenya Mpya Transport Company.
The women attempted to barricade roads in Juja, Thika and Ruiru towns in protest of the increased number of accidents caused by buses managed by this company.
The protesters were demanding NTSA to cancel the licences of all buses and matatus whose fleet occasionary caused loss of lives through accidents.
Anti-riot police had to use teargas to disperse the women who had barricaded Thika Road near Juja for the better part of the morning.

On Thursday morning, a bus owned by Kenya Mpya was involved in an accident in which five people died as scores sustained injuries and admitted to the Kalimoni mission hospital.
It was the fourth time a bus owed by the company was involved in an accident since its inception.
Last month, two buses run by the company were involved in two separate accidents on the same day, one near Blue post Hotel, Thika claiming 8 lives while the other at Githurai where over ten people were injured.

Group A: 

Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Malmo.

Group B: 

PSV, Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Wolfsburg.

Group C: 

Benfica, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, Astana.

Group D: 

Juventus, Manchester City, Sevilla, Borussia Monchengladbach.

Group E: 

Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, Roma, Bate.

Group F: 

Bayern Munich,Arsenal, Olyimpiakos, Dinamo Zagreb.

Group G: 

Chelsea, Porto, Dynamo Kiev, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Group H: 

Zenit, Valencia, Lyon, Genk.

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