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Kiganjo residents are calling on security authorities in Thika to either sack or transfer police officers working in their area for alleged laxity and failure to execute their duties diligently. They claim that illicit liquor was still being sold by a few individuals with impunity since they were getting police protection. They also complained of increased incidents of crime in the area especially at night where mugging and burglarly was ramphant.
Some of the area police officers were accused of always being drunk and were the same ones who protected the illicit brewers who paid for protection.

The residents were speaking during a meeting with Thika OCPD on Thursday morning when he toured the area after a man was found murdered in Kimuchu area. They alleged that police in the area dismissed issues of concern to them as 'minor' whenever they reported them at the station.

“When we report cases he terms them as minor and tells us to act on them on our own. If the police cannot help us then let them be sacked and we will take the responsibility of securing this area,” one of them said.

"I assure you that you that this will see change. All police officers should work to ensure everyone is protected and without any form of harassment," said the OCPD.
He further called on the public to work together to through the Nyumba Kumi community policing initiative.

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