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Thika Prison wardens on Friday treated some Thika residents to a rare show after they stormed the ongoing expansion of Garissa Road and Gatitu Junction.
The wardens allege that they were not consulted during the planning of the road works and that the county government excluded them from their strategic launching of the expansion works. 
In the stand-off, the wardens had to shoot in the air to disperse everyone from the scene.
Governor William Kabogo launched the road construction two weeks ago in a ceremony that was a graced by two area MCAs, Mwangi Wamwangi (Hospital Ward) and Kennedy Mwangi (Township Ward).
The incidence this morning started when the contractor arrived at the scene together with county officials ready to commence their work. Contrary to their expectations, they faced opposition from the prison wardens.
The officers allege that the road that is under expansion passes through their land and thus they cannot allow any intruder to construct anything without consultations.
An attempt by area MCA Kennedy Mwangi to calm the irate wardens has not borne any fruits.
County askaris at the scene also had to flee from the wardens.

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