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2 brothers arrested over the death of their 3-year old son in Kiganjo estate

Police in Makongeni are holding two brothers over the death of a 3-year old boy who was found dead at their home in Highland (Molo) area in Kiganjo estate Thika near Kiganjo Mosque.

According to the residents, neighbours were alerted by the deceased's 10-year old step-brother who notified them of the motionless body of his brother on Monday evening.
"The boy came back from school and found his step-brother lying still on the sofa-set. He thought he was asleep and therefore lifted him to their bed. However, upon closer look, he realised that the his younger brother was not breathing. It was at that moment that he alerted neighbours who rushed into the room and realised that the boy was actually dead," explained one of the neighbours.
They immediately staged a manhunt for the children's father who had just left the house in the company of his brother.
Fortunately, the two were later found a few metres from the home and frog-matched back to the house so as to explain the circumstances that led to the death of the toddler. Having not being fully convinced with their narration, the residents called in the police and the area chief where the duo were whisked to Makongeni Police Station for further investigations.
The neighbours alleged that the boys' father had recently separated with his second wife who fled and left behind her 3-year old son. The 10-year old was born of his first wife who had also left the man some years back.
The body of the deceased has since been transferred to General Kago Road Funeral Home awaiting for postmortem.

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