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Poll shows 72% of Kenyans will vote in August elections

As the Kenyan political calendar inches towards the General Elections, a survey by Thika Town Today – 3T and 3T TV shows that 72.60% of the registered voters will participate in the August 9 General Elections.

The online poll that was shared across all main social media platforms and conducted between May 6th and May 10th 2022 noted that another 18.97% of the 427 respondents surveyed said they would not vote, with a paltry 8.43% of undecided voters.

For accuracy of the polling, the pollster made several configuration measures to ensure that:-

• There was a duplicate vote check based on IP-Addresses.

• To avoid fake votes and ensure more reliable poll results, Virtual Private Network (VPN) users were not allowed to vote.

• The results of this poll were publicly available at any time.

The just concluded Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) voter registration exercise showed apathy in participating in the elections especially among the youth who seemed to apprehensive on registering as voter as well as actually participating in the August polls.

However, if this poll is anything to go by, there are indications that the political mood is catching with the masses with more and more people gearing themselves towards deciding on who will lead them in the next 5 years, maybe with the realisation that staying away from the polls would lock them out of the decision-making rooms where their future will be decided.


Voter apathy denies the electorate credible leaders because, where voter apathy is prevalent, good people are thrown into discommodity and stay away from presenting their candidature. The political arena then becomes a free space for those with less desirable leadership traits, values, and practices.

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  1. Nitavote nikivote Tena mapema.... Prezo ...Ruto, MCA....Joe Wetu. Governor....... Jungle na Woman Rep.....Loice Kim.


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