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Government launches the first phase of 10,000 affordable housing units in Kiambu

The government has launched the first phase of 10,000 affordable housing units at Kiambu National Housing scheme.

Speaking in Kiambu town, Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna said that the cost of buying these units would range from Ksh.1.5 million for one bedroom house to Ksh.4.5 million for three bedroom house while those under the social component (bedsitters) would cost between Ksh. 800 and Ksh.1 million

The housing units come complete with amenities comprising kindergarten, green areas, recreational facilities, clinic and in some cases police stations. Various enablers by government for AHP include offside infrastructure like water, sewer, roads and power connections.

Through the affordable housing programme, the government has continued to pursue in its goal of improving the well-being of Kenyans through decent living by rolling out diverse affordable housing projects across the country. Anyone today is able to own a house through the affordable housing,” he said.

Kenya's affordable housing was launched in December 2017 as one of the national government’s four pillars of growth, in the President’s Big Four Plan. Currently, there are 10,000 ongoing projects cumulatively reaching 180,000 units of the initially targeted 500,000 units.

To own any f these houses, one only needs to register with “Boma Yangu” and submit their personal details and housing preference.

Upon registration, their details shall be verified with relevant stakeholders for authenticity. After verification, they will be allocated a unique identification number which they will use to make their monthly contribution to the Housing Fund.

The purpose of verification is to ensure one person can only own one house. The allocation of houses is done in a regular, fair and transparent manner.

 To qualify, one MUST:-

-          - Be a Kenyan citizen

-          - Be over 18 years of age

-          - Have a valid national identity card

 Visit “BOMA YANGU” on https://bomayangu.go.ke/ to explore various projects and start your journey towards journey ownership

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