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Drama as call of nature exposes fake cripple kid

There was drama next to at Makongeni Police Station after irate mob almost lynched a kid after discovering that he was not actually disabled, as they had always believed.

According to eyewitness reports, the exposure came about after the “crippled beggar” was pressed and decided to answer the call of nature.

“I was shocked to see the boy get off the wheelchair and walk on his own towards that hedge to urinate. He then came and coiled back into position to fake disability,” explained one shocked residents.

He raised alarm and people milled in and started harassing the boy into admission that he was actually a fake cripple.

Sources say that he had already collected some substantial amount of money from innocent passersby.

He was frog matched into the station where he was picked for questioning.

At the time of going to press, we were not sure whether he had revealed the faces behind this cartel.

The case elicited anger and was a revelation that Thika town and its environs had so many of such fake beggars and conmen who took advantage of people’s generosity and innocence to extort money.

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