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Another person mauled by hyenas in Thika

Police in Makongeni Thika have discovered a fresh human skull believed to be as a result of another suspected hyena attack.

This follows a report last evening by a resident of Kang'oki area who found the skull at his farm in Kandara Investment Scheme.

Police and KWS officers visited the scene and confirmed the incident, where a skull, scattered bones and torn bloodstained clothes were found. Hyenas prints were found at the scene. This incident came hours after another man was mauled and killed by a cackle of the same predators in Witeithie, Juja. On Monday, a 29-year old man was mauled to death by about 20 hyenas within Kamuthi area while on his way home from Komu quarry. His counterpart narrowly escaped by the skin of his teeth.

Measures to hunt down and eradicate this threat is underway.

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