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By Jaymo Wa Thika

More often than not, the hardworking rich are rich because from the start they had access to capital and contacts that the poor person simply didn’t have. Having a circle of friends that has access to money or influential people opens doors for the rich person that the poor man would never have even seen, much less opened.

 Naturally, people support they know and tend to dismiss people we don’t. People who went to the "right schools", "the right universities", etc. have a huge leg up because of the contacts they will have been able to make, and since such institutions typically have admissions strongly skewed towards the upper classes, more opportunities fall into the hands of those who are already rich. They’re just the fortunate beneficiaries of circumstance.

 However, the greatest poverty in life is not the poverty of the pocket but the poverty of the mind. The biggest mistake you can do to yourself is to resign to fate..... that “I was fated to be poor,” or, “It’s God’s will.

 Most people turn their mind towards wayward activities like drinking to find solace of mind after they realise that they cannot manage things. They may bend towards gambling, betting, trying their luck through lotteries, without knowing that they may end up losing what little they have and invite health hazards and taking loans.

 Every person, whether rich or poor, gets an opportune moment to themselves lift off and become successful in life. 

 Instead of merely depending on the society to lift you off, if you should start utilising your intelligence to overcome the limits of hard work and project yourself when fate offers it's “Pandora’s Box”. 

 Many people have shot up in life because of their resourcefulness and intelligent approach.

 When you are poor, you are forced to live frugally. With frugal living, you unlocked the “saver” part. What’s left is the “investor” part where you have to work hard on.

 When you have less, you tend to be more creative. You use your imagination to create what you want. You learn to be resourceful. When you don’t have the money to buy what you need, you either learn to live without it or find a way to create it yourself.

 Therefore, if you just make the ‘right’ choices and work hard in the ‘right’ way, success and wealth are inevitable. It is not yet lost.

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