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- Since the first case was reported in the country, Thika West Sub-County has had 2,080 positive cases reported (Note: these are just the reported ones only)

- The number of deaths reported so far are 129; 19 from health facilities and 10 from home deaths. - The official testing sites for COVID-9 in the sub-county are:- (a) Thika Level 5 Hospital (b) Avenue Hospital (c) Vineyard Hospital (d) Lancet (e) St. Mulumba Mission Hospital (f) Aga Khan Clinic (f) Gertrude's Hospital (g) Dr. Mutile (Mobile Services) - Hospitals admitting COVID-9 patients within Thika:- (i) Thika Level 5 Hospital (ii) St. Mulumba Mission Hospital (iii) Avenue Hospital - Current recorded cases in July/August (1) ST MULUMBA - 46 cases have turned positive for COVID-19 from 103 samples tested. - 20 patients admitted, out of which, 15 are on oxygen - 7 deaths reported (2) AVENUE HOSPITAL - 4 admissions, out of which, 3 are on oxygen and 1 in ICU - 2 deaths reported (3) THIKA LEVEL 5 - So far 8 deaths have been reported (4) HOME DEATHS July - 2 reported cases August - 1 reported case so far VACCINES The COVID-19 jab is now open to everybody above 18 years of age and is currently being administered at Thika Level 5 Hospital and Kiandutu Health Centre.

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