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In a meeting held at the Thika Town Hall today (April 13th) with a section of residents and the Thika District Business Association (TDBA), Kiambu Governor Dr. James Nyoro has promised to do the following with immediate effect, to ease some of the challenges that have been bothering Thika residents and the business community of late;-

1. The Governor has waived the Health Licence Fees from all businesses that don't sell food or drinks (edibles).

2. The construction and tarmacking of all the CBD roads and the estate access roads in Majengo and Joytown area will resume immediately the rains subside.

3. The  potholes on Kenyatta Highway between the stadium roundabout, U-Shop and the UTI junction with be sealed immediately as we wait for the rains to subside and the contractor to start the re-carpeting and expansion of this road.

4. The Governor has taken up the issue of water shortages in Thika and working with THIWASCO management, they will develop a programme to ease the shortage and wade off any possible water cartel business. He also promise to work out to see that the actualisation of the Karimenu Water Treatment Plant is hastened to enable THIWASCO to supply enough water to the residents.

5. The Makongeni Bus Terminus will immediately be leveled and graveled to make it accessible during these rains and will thereafter be upgraded using cabro.

6. The garbage in and around Madaraka Market will immediately be cleared and the market later renovated and fenced when the rains subside

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