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By Jaymo Wa Thika

Of late, you must have come across so many armateur videos going rounds online of youths or groups of people either shouting down opposing political leaders, disrupting public political gatherings or even walking out of political gatherings immediately certain leaders stand up to address the audience.

You might also have noticed how fast these clips get viral and spread like bush fire.

Little do most people know that most of these dramas do not represent the real situation on the ground. These are usually planned dramas by politicians to discredit those they oppose or show their political godfathers how popular they are.

The truth of the matter is that, days before the event itself, political opponents engage their point men on the ground and fund them to arrange for such dramas. The point men then go and identify the village “guns for hire” (both men and women from different age groups) and plan logistics of how they will execute their dirty plans. At times, the scheme involves transporting the “professional hecklers” from nearby slum areas who are dropped at the venue between 5am and 6am where they take positions at very strategic areas in the venue.

On the material day, the unsuspecting locals are caught by surprise when these actors begin their dramas and since they were unawares, majority of them are duped to believe that this is actually mood on the ground. The organizers know well that some idlers and youth will get carried away in the drama and join in, thus augmenting the revolt with the hope of taking home some few shillings.

Immediately the drama kicks off, those whose assignment is to do the video take up positions and start recording the clips and immediately post them on social media. From their online platforms, there is another team, the keyboard worriors, whose assignment is to make these videos go viral.

In most of these cases, the mainstream media falls for the scheme, picks these clips and plays them on their stations for obvious reasons…. Negative news sell.

So next time you see these dramas, take your time and check if those involved look genuine or are just guns for hire being manipulated to pass some political message.

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