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The birth of "CHANIAWOOD"? Thika to soon get a film and talent studio to promote upcoming artistes

Plans are underway to establish a film and talent studio in Thika Town Constituency to help upcoming actors and content creators.

This was revealed by area MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina during the graduation ceremony of 70 youth who had undergone a one week training in acting and film production at the ACK St. Andrew Cathedral.

The programme, that was undertaken in partnership with Kenya Film Commission, was aimed at empowering these youth with skills and knowledge on the entire value chain of film production creating a stepping stone for them to achieve their career goals.

The studio, which will be semi-commercial, will help identify talent, nurture youth in the film industry and produce their works at very subsidised rates.

Wainaina noted that even though the region was endowed with too much talent, most of it went to waste because upcoming artistes were unable to raise money to meet the high costs of production, ending up being frustrated to a point of depression and turning to drug abuse and crime.

"The film industry is a very big industry allover the world. It is a very lucrative industry and if well tapped and nurtured, can create a lot of jobs for our youth," Wainaina said.

In a message read on his behalf, Kenya Film Commission  CEO Timothy Odhiambo Owase said that his commission would continue partnering with different stakeholders across the country to help the youth create content that told the Kenyan  stories. He reiterated the importance of the film industry in job and wealth creation among the youth, stating their commitment to expanding these opportunities.

He also encouraged the youth to make use of available opportunities in the digital platforms to harness their skills and make a name in the global film industry

Thika West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Mbogo Mathioya was elated with the programme and encouraged the upcoming artists to make use of the rich natural and beautiful sceneries in the region to make it to the top.

"This is just but a beginning. We have a very big task ahead of us. Use the facilities and sceneries around Thika and propel yourselves to the top. I would want to see this initiative give birth to 'Chaniawood' just as in the case of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood," said the DCC. 

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