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2 boys aged 13 and 5 perish in a house inferno as mother goes on a drinking spree

Two boys aged 13 years and 5 years last night (Friday 23rd October) perished at Gachagi Slum in Thika when the house they were in caught fire at around 11pm.

According to those living nearby, the mother, who is an alcoholic, had locked the two boys from outside before leaving for a drinking spree. 

It is suspected that a candle that was left on as the two children went to bed may have been the cause of the fire.

The neighbours say that by the time they realised that the house was on fire it was too late to save the kids. 

Both of them seemed to have suffocated to death as they attempted to break out of the locked door before being consumed by the fire.

By the time neighbours traced the mother, she was too drunk to comprehend what had transpired.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to General Kago Road Funeral Home.

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