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Visually Impaired persons in Thika protest discrimination in government aid

Visually impaired persons from Thika on Wednesday to the streets protesting what they termed as discrimination in government aid especially during this tough COVID-19 period. They walked to the Ministry of Labour, Culture, Gender and Social Services offices, demanding to for answers as why they never benefited from the national safety net programme populary known as Inua Jamii.

They claimed that only the rich but well connected persons benefited from the kitty. Speaking to the press, Ann Mwema claimed that the money set aside by the government to benefit the disabled was diverted to less deserving people if not ending up in pockets individuals within the government. Jecintah Syombua said that despite of her advanced age, she had never accessed "Pesa Kwa Wazee" a fate she said was replicated in most of her colleagues. They pleaded with the relevant government departments to intervene and save them from the discrimination they are are facing.

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