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Thika MP talks of his next move after his term ends in 2022

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has left everyone guessing of his next move after his first term in office as a legislature saying that his next assignment will be decided by the people of Thika and God.

Responding to questions in a live Instagram interview on Thursday night by CLUB LIFE THIKA - 237connect, the MP said that being an independent legislator, he was only answerable to his constituents and would only obey what they commanded him to do.

"I have heard these comments of people saying, 'Our Next Governor' ... Actually I was looking for someone to say 'Our Next President'. If the people of Thika say that they want me to become their next MCA, so be it. If they feel that they want me to continue as their Member of Parliament, so be it. If they want to promote me to something else, who am I (to say no?)," responded Wainaina.

Wainaina said that the most important issue was not about who held what position but what mattered most was leadership and integrity.

"We do not have leaders in this country. The guys we vote into office are basically "Tumbocrats". Guys who get into office so that they can fatten their pockets. For as long as we vote in these "Tumbocratic" leaders, we are going nowhere as a country and the youth will be complaining forever," he said.

"My challenge is, can we start hunting for the right leaders of these country. Youth or otherwise. MCAs, Senators or otherwise," he added.

The MP acknowledged that the devolved system of government was the best thing to have happened to this country but had it's own shortcomings.

"We devolved 47 counties but we forgot to create capacity to audit those governments. You do not do a very good thing and then let things go their own ways," he said.

He said that with prudent utilisation of money allocated to counties, the country would have realised tremendous development within a very short time. He therefore challenged the electorate to really vet the kind of leaders they put in office otherwise they would always end up lamenting of poor service delivery all their lives.

Wainaina stressed the importance of the gubernatorial position which he said should never be left to politicians.

"The governor should be an accounting officer. The governor is like the president in a country. He/She is the president of the county. So when electing one, the people should be very sober," he said.

Responding to a question on how he viewed Wednesday's decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to restructure his government and absorb Nairobi Metropolitan Service into the Executive Office of the President, Wainaina had this to say... "Nairobi is too important to be left to a governor. It is too dangerous. What the president did was very right so that Nairobi County can be audited from the National Government perspective."

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