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CAS Education chides contractors who entice trainee artisans with money before completing their training

Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Zachary Kinuthia has advised young people who enroll for the 1-year Building and Construction for courses in vocational centres and polytechnics to ensure they completed to exam level He said that it was unfortunate contractors enticed them with money especially around the 10th month during attachment, leading to majority of them dropping out before sitting for their exams. After the project is gone, these artisans returned to the streets without any certificate to show for their training. "We have an opportunity to be self reliant. We can be patient for a year, and get a certificate as an artisan. Then we can go earn. Later return as a Technician. Then later in the days, for a degree if it's a mandatory feeling to be sorted. Our lives as Youth folk will entirely depend on us. We will be the people who will make things the way we want them to become. Not Politicians. Not Government," said the CAS.
The CAS was speaking Mathare Vocational Centre in Nairobi where he inspected and assessed a number of workshops and their capabilities to produce not just competent artisans, but goods and services to the clients around their vicinity.
This institution trains 8 different courses ranging from Plumbing to Mechanic to Fabrications.

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