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Budget 2020/21 Highlights

Stimulating the Economy to safeguard livelihood, stream line jobs and Steer Economic recovery

✅ A total of KES. 369.9 Billion has been dispatched to counties to support Devolution.

✅ The government has proposed KES. 10 billion for Youth Kazi Mtaani programme.

✅  KES. 712 million has been proposed for SME's for manufacturing.

✅ The government has rolled out a food sustaining strategy meant to develop road map to the post COVID-19 Phase as well as beyond 2030.

✅ A total of KES. 1.83 Trillion has been proposed to The executive to enhance service delivery and servicing of government projects.

✅ The budget also Proposes a KES. 3 billion figure for a credit guarantee scheme to help in unlocking finances for small and medium enterprises.

✅ An amount of KES. 300 million has been allocated to facilitate to the ICT sector to facilitate training and equipping of ICT interns to oversee online learning during this period.

✅  KES. 3 Billion has been proposed to help in restructuring of the Tourism sector.

✅The Government has directed all MDAs to clear all pending bills or face serious consequences of the government withholding their exchequer.

✅  Government has promised to re-engineer it's procurement opportunities to the youth, Women and Persons with disabilities.

✅ The CS has also proposed an amount of KES. 13.1 billion for pending bills meant for contractors, Suppliers and manufacturers.

✅  KES. 7.4 Billion has been proposed to improve education by facilitating employment of 10000 interns as teachers, KES. 2.1 billion for classrooms, KES. 1.9 billion for 250,000 locally made desks.

✅ KES. 700 million for capitation of infrastructure in Arid and Semi arid Lands.(ASALS)

✅ Proposes introduction of minimum tax to facilitate smooth transition of the economy on the post COVID-19 economic blueprint.

✅ KES. 1.5 Billion for flower and the horticulture industry to help them sustain the industry during The pandemic and also access the international marks on both the current and post COVID-19 Phases.

✅ KES. 4.1 billion to support the free maternity government programme.

✅ KES. 15.1 Billion to the house development program including the affordable housing Agenda by the president.

✅ The government has proposed KES. 111.7 Billion for health sector to enhance healthcare stability.

✅ Kazi Mtaani programme to employ more than 200000 youth.

✅ KES. 18.3 Billion has been set aside for the manufacturing and local industry production.

✅ KES. 843 million for the modernisation of Rivatex to enhance employment opportunities among the youth.

✅ KES. 18.1 Billion has been spared for the SGR phase 2 program, KES. 6.1 Billion for the LAPSET Project and KES. 5.6 Billion for Mombasa Development project.

✅ Government has set aside KES. 167.9 Billion for national security agencies to secure the nation.

✅ KES. 2 Billion has been proposed to hire teachers in addition to the 10,000 interns meant for the Economic stimulation program.

✅ KES. 59.4 Billion for Free day secondary school facilitation has been proposed to factor in Education re-engineering.

✅ KES. 41 Billion has been set aside for the National Government Development fund.

✅ KES. 150 Million has been proposed for the Women Enterprise Fund.

✅ KES. 17.6 Billion set aside for cash transfers to the elderly.

✅ KES. 400 million has been spared for the persons living with disabilities welfare Kitty.

✅  Youth receive KES. 10.2 Billion under the NYS programme, KES. 2.1 Billion for the KYAP and KES. 359 million for the Youth Enterprise development programme.

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