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- Everyone, including our leaders, fears death.
- After everything else is gone, your only hope is God and family. Right now, everyone is holed at home and with their kin.
- We can live without some of the things we adore so much and believe that they are indispensable eg. entertainment, handshakes, hugs, parties, foreign trips etc and still life goes on without a hitch.
- Some of the things we take for granted eg. hand washing and proper hygiene are key to our survival.
- Sometimes for human beings to reason logically, you need to deny them some civil liberties and at times resort to some force.
- When you are in a position of leadership, use it to make the lives of the people you govern the best that it can be for you might need it tomorrow eg. if anyone gets sick today, we all have to contend with the hospitals in Kenya, no flying abroad for "better" treatment.
- Calamities are equalisers eg, COVID-19 has also taught us that rich or poor, the governing and the governed, we all are interdependent and really need each other. For instance, the rich are now very worried that the (mis)behaviour of the poor might expose them to COVID-19 and are more concerned what the poor are doing.
- Calamities humble even the most proud. The leaders are silent now, no more name calling. The rich are holed in their houses, no more shows of might.. It's everyone in their homes praying for the best and not sure of tomorrow.
- Over and above everything, this COVID-19 teaches us to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. It is no longer business as usual. For you to survive, you have to think beyond the norm and not not getting stuck to those traditional and conventional ways of doing things that we were born with and are used to.

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