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BY: Juma Hemedi

No one has the full story, but they say that he arrived late for work. The lateness earned the Kenyan Man of majority age some canes on his behind. This happens behind what is supposedly the kitchen. An action that the one doing whipping considers discipline as he punishes to correct a mistake. The only mistake of the one doing the whipping is his country of origin, which is glaringly not African. His action of whipping an African in an African Country.

Within hours the authorities apprehended the culprit, perhaps it was as a result of the online anger from the people of an African Country, a country that prides itself with the rule of law. Or may be the task of apprehending the culprit was easy due to his glaring visible contrast to the rest of the people including the spectators.

A few months back people of Kenya had gone up in arms when other citizens of belonging to the country of the 'whipping' man mistreated some Kenyans who worked in the biggest infrastructural project that connected Mombasa City to Nairobi city.

I'm always amazed by the sense of togetherness, zeal and focus online Kenyans have that pushes Authorities to action. However Kenyans have been getting 'whipped' daily by their fellow country men.

We are whipped daily on our 'behinds' by our employers, with daily insults, indignity and  mistreatment. Overworked and underpaid Kenyans continue to endure years of abuse and lack of dignity of a job. These Kenyans work as Farm hands, watchmen, house managers, low level employees in both government and Private institutions.

Kenyans suffer daily 'whipping' through increased taxation to cover for their other taxes stolen by those they elected to safeguard their resources. The corruption 'whipping' continue to send unborn children and their mothers to an early death due to lack of essential facilities in health care centres.

Kenyans are getting 'whipped' to death by the authorities charged with road safety when they allow unroadworthy vehicles to continue killing their Country men, and increase the number of orphans and vulnerable children, widows and widowers.

We are "whipped' daily when we are taking our children to public schools which are on the verge of collapse due to dilapidated infrastructure whose records show that they was repaired at a cost of soo much. But in actual sense someone 'ate' the money. When we continue to suffer water born diseases because the someone failed to do his duty.

We continue to get 'whipped' on our behinds by our media institutions when they choose to fudge the truth, and continue 'whipping' our emotions by showing us bad examples of our leaders and content that fails to give hope.

We are 'whipped' daily by injustice that is perpetrated by some people sworn to protect justice. And the others who hold the Holy books to affirm their commitment to serve and protect the Country and its citizens when all they do is serve themselves.

We are 'whipped' by the shepherds who take advantage of their flocks. Those who lie in the name of the Lord. Those who fail to be their brothers Keepers. Those who lead others into desperation and mental slavery in a way that they better get whipped and suffer physical pain, that suffer psychological and emotional pain that comes with watching your kid ask for food that you cannot afford or have the landlord lock your house for non payment.

The physical whipping is nothing compared to what we see daily with our politicians and other public servants as they show us their overflowing stomachs full of resources meant for the service delivery.

We must say NO to this kind of "WHIPPING" that brings indignities to our daily lives.

Juma Hemedi

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