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Surely life is a fight,it is a battle. The world is the arena..the below jobs has given me a bright future I can smell. But it all starts from within. I never thought one day I  will be student like others.

I was about to give up after my KCPE exam 2007 for shame results-171 Marks. Felt like the world was about to fall under my roof.I was discouraged by a some of my peers. They told me no need of advancing my knowledge since we thought education as no key to success as the rhythm of our Dads. 

I decided go have own life and be perfect for myself .God is faithful that after a hustle of 2 good months,the little I  was able to raise was good enough for tuition fees where I went for admission in one of  Primary school in Thika Town-Mugumo-ini primary and was admitted to Class 7, that is two years back. But as the wise men says Patience pays, I didn't give up. I had to swallow the bitter herbs. Very poor grades I recorded for the first exam.

But since this was my first exam, I didn't not lose hope. I went back to drawing board and planned how I could do to improve my grades since I was a repeater therefore was embarrassing. The faithful God came on time and showed to me that it was the right time.

I thank sir God for his grace.. He says that his grace is sufficient to our lives.. you never know what the future holds for.. You can only feel the pain through experience. Many especially my teachers encouraged me to work hand and others gave the tips for a better performance.I practiced day in day out..and finally I made it to my very best. After my KCPE results, I was able to double the previous KCPE marks.

The congratulatory messages flowed in and felt my day had come. Now the big task was approaching:to join the school of my choice. Unfortunately or fortunately did not make it. I had to enroll in a nearby Broadway Secondary School.

I still didn't give up. I followed the same route: working tirelessly throughout the four years. Success comes after hard work. The results were out. My hard work bore fruits. I celebrated.

After form four, I now embarked to my small business in order to raise some money to enable me to join University. I worked tirelessly day and night. My Faithful God did not let me down. At least I had something in my pocket. It was not enough."a child who like work,doesn't lack one to wash him". I had to seek help from my friends and people of well wishers whom also didn't let me down (Thank you all).

I now joined one of the leading universities in Kenya- Moi university Taking Mathematics and Business Studies.

Now the same job is taking part for my university school accommodation fee.

My dreams are now becoming real. Soon I will graduate and God willing enroll my Masters and there after PhD. "If you can't fly, then run.if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl but whatever you do, keep on moving forward "~ Martin Luther King Jr.


- Never underestimate yourself, you're wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God.
- Always trust in God for He cares for us.
- Always believe you can. What man can do, you can also do better
- Never give up if you still feel you have not achieved your dreams of live.
- Be yourself.you're your own boss.Be your own supreme court. Uphold what is right and nullify what is wrong.
- Don't ever belittle anything that your hand receives be it small or big . The impact of it in future is remarkable lets trust in lord and all shall be well. He is our financier.

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