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Simbi Roses mounts a 150kWp solar PV system in Thika

The newly launched 150KWP Solar PV system launched by Simbi Roses in partnership with Ecoligo and GIZ Kenya. The 454 ground-mounted solar system was launched on 6th December 2019 at the Simbi Roses Farm in Thika.
Simbi Roses Limited has ramped up its green credentials by unveiling a 150kWp solar PV system in Thika, Kiambu County.

The ground mounted solar system consisting of 454 solar panels and 5 inverters is set to save up to 144 tonnes of Carbon dioxide (CO) emissions per year. The System will help Simbi Roses reduce it overall power costs and carbon footprint.

The Self-consumption solar PV systems are well suited to cover the daytime energy needs of the flower farm. As the flower industry relies on the natural environment, Simbi Roses aims to be a trendsetter towards sustainable energy use in the industry, which is a vital pillar of environmental protection.

The project has been achieved through a meaningful partnership between Ecoligo; a Germany-based solar company with a subsidiary in Kenya in cooperation with its Kenyan-based installation and service partner Technolectric; with technical support from the Project Development Programme under the German Energy Solutions Initiative.

Speaking during the unveil event Simbi Roses Executive Director Grace Nyachae gave said, “I would like to thank Ecoligo and the PDP of the German Energy Solutions Initiative being great partners on this project. With the new Solar PV system, Simbi Roses will be able to drastically reduce our overall carbon footprint and power costs. It is my hope that more flower farms may implement more renewable energy systems in order to reduce carbon levels in our environment and reduce operational costs.”

Since its inception, Simbi Roses has established a modern and efficient crop management system and high-quality control within their growing infrastructure. These include the propagation of their own plants, and the state of art irrigation and spraying systems, combined with the ideal climate and water availability, allows Simbi Roses to produce superior Quality Roses.

Currently they are producing over 13 different varieties of roses for the international market, which include Bellerosa, Red Ribbon, Good Times, Sonarisa, Vanilla Sky, Marie Claire, Mario, High & Magic, and Upper Class.

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