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What President Uhuru Kenyatta told Mt. Kenya leaders at Sagana.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday met all elected leaders as well community leaders from his Mt. Kenya backyard at Sagana Lodge in Nyeri County to help ease out the tension among the leaders and map out a way forward for the region, especially on matters development and seeking solutions to the challenges facing its people.

Uhuru challenged the leaders to take personal responsibility for their roles in solving some of the challenges facing their people and not always hiding behind the veil of the presidency even for their own failures and omissions.

He said that every leader had the right to their opinions but pleaded with them to avoid letting their differences in opinion create animosity among the people by using words that could plunge this country into anarchy.

While retracing the steps this country had made since the 2007-8 post election violence Uhuru, acknowledged the fact there can never be any development without peace. He therefore urged Mt Kenya leaders to focus on their work instead of succession politics.

"Let us work together for the development of our people and not just engage in insults. Unless you just want to be featured in newspapers so that you can tell your mother to check the newspapers," Uhuru said.

Uhuru added that, he would meet all the elected leaders next week to discuss all the challenges facing the region and map out a roadmap to solving them. He also said that he would, beginning with a tour of Meru County, visit the entire Mt Kenya region with an aim of discussing individual challenges and seeking to develop this region.

President Uhuru said that even though his party candidate Macdonald Mariga lost in the Kibra by-election, he was very happy that peace was maintained during the campaign period and on Election Day.

“If an election can be done in Kibra and people do not lose their things or their lives, that is already a victory and people must learn from this. The events in Kibra made me believe that we are winning and the country is coming together where Kenyans are uniting and respecting each other," Uhuru said.

The president dispelled rumours that the BBI was about creating positions, either for himself of for his handshake partner Raila Odinga but insisted that it was to bring peace to the country and the future of our children

He told off his critics of the handshake (and BBI) who insinuated that his association with Raila Odinga was about isolating his deputy William Ruto.

"When I talk to this other man, I never told him that we are talking so that he can get a big position. I told him that we are talking because of the peace of this country and the future of our children," Uhuru said.

“Election time will come. But have you ever heard me say that I have left my party and gone to another one? Have you ever heard me say that you should elect this one and not this other one? Why do some people think that they should remind me every morning? Who has asked you?" he continued.

Uhuru insisted that had never seen the BBI report and was ‘still waiting to see it’. He added that some of the things he would wish were in the report included how to make all votes equal and to have all corrupt individuals completely kept off leadership positions.

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