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Carry your own cross and stop looking for scapegoats for your failures, Gakuyo tells Mt. Kenya leaders.

Bishop David Kariuki Ngari has expressed his disappointment with elected leaders from Mt. Kenya Region who he said were very quick to blame President Uhuru Kenyatta even for their own shortcomings and inability to perform the duties that they were elected to do.

Ngari, who is popularly known as Gakuyo, said that it was quite unfortunate that even though most of the services and programmes that had stalled fell squarely in their dockets, the leaders had opted to use the presidency as a whipping boy to cover for their failures.

“All this hue and cry by elected leaders is aimed at forming an opinion that the president has failed his people. Leaders should not seek for scapegoats for their own failures because most of the programmes they are referring to have been devolved and lie squarely within their dockets. Everyone should carry their own cross,” said the bishop.

Ngari added that the main problem with the leaders was that majority of them were so preoccupied with succession politics that they had no time to think about the people who elected them.

“Is there any programme or memorandum that they have ever presented to the president but he failed to honour? The only thing Kenyans are demanding from their leaders is proper representation and delivery of services. These leaders should be fighting to achieve the goals of Agenda 4 within their own areas. That’s what will bring the change Kenyans are yearning for,” he said.

The bishop pointed out that the challenges facing coffee, tea, milk and other sectors only called for proper policy formulation by the legislators who in turn should pass the baton to the governors since agriculture was a devolved function.

He also called for prudent use of the resources entrusted to these leaders since there was too much wastage of public resources both at the constituency level and within county governments.

He challenged governors to convene a regional caucus that will articulate the challenges facing their regions and then present their memorandum to the president for action.

“Most of these leaders never go to the grassroots to get firsthand information from the people on the ground. Theirs is to shout from Nairobi and arguing their case from information gathered on social media and media houses. Some of them even block development projects initiated by others so as to point out the failures and blame their opponents as they branded themselves as the people’s advocates,” he concluded.

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