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Thika lawyer launches book on “True Kenyan Heroes” with call for national recognition of freedom fighters.

Lawyer Karuga Wandai has launched a book on the “True Kenyan Heroes” whom he notes, contributed to the liberation of this country, both during the colonial and post-independence era.

In his 400-pages book, “The Lives and Times of 25 Great Kenyans”, Karuga noted that majority of those who fought for Kenya’s independence live a life of abject poverty as those who assumed power failed to recognise them and instead oppressed them further.

“The current generation has no idea of our freedom fighters. This book is an attempt to help them get to know about the real independence struggle for people to value the liberation that they enjoy today due to the sacrifice made by these heroes,” explained Karuga.

Karuga added that it was quite sad that even after 50 years of independence, these people still live like paupers as “home guards” enjoy the fruits of their struggle.

“Mashujaa day was set aside for these people. Unfortunately, what we have today is a country that celebrates the wrong. It is sad to note that none of those people who were recently awarded compensation by the British Government over atrocities of the independence struggle was freedom fighters. Those are just imposters and cons who were able to manipulate the systems to for financial gains. The true freedom fighters are out there languishing in poverty with some already dead,” he said.

Karuga hoped that with the creation of the Heroes Commission, the country would in a position to clearly define who the heroes of the nation were.

He suggested that the state constructs a national monument showing all the names of freedom fighters to serve a reference point for all to identify and recognise all those who played part in the struggle for the freedoms and liberties enjoyed today.

“We should also have a movies showing how the country gained its independence with emphasis on the struggle and tribulations of these freedom fighters. This way, generations would watch and reflect on the value of sacrifice for the nation,” he said.

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina who was the chief guest noted that a nation that failed to recognise its heroes was like a body without a soul and was actually doomed.

“We need to honour our heroes, both past and present as this will be the only way to encourage people into true patriotism. Ignoring those who make sacrifices for others is one of the reasons why people are no longer value patriotism thus the rot into our moral fabric as a country. Kenyans no longer see the need to sacrifice for others as such heroes end up paying dearly for the time they lost trying to better the lives of others,” said the MP.

Among the heroes mentioned in Karuga’s book include the First President of Kenya The Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, his first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Field Marshals Dedan Kimathi and Muthoni, General Mathenge,  General Kago, General China, Waiyaki Hinga,Bildad Kaggia, P.O. Gama Pinto, Ochieng’ Oneko, Malkiat Singh, Koitalel Arap Samoei, Mekatili Menz and Ronald Ngala.

Others include Tom Mboya, Kenneth Matiba, Martin Shikuku, Charles Rubia, Raila Odinga, Wangari Maathai, among others. 

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