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Government gives land companies one week to surrender transaction documents.

Ruiru Deputy County Commissioner Geofrey Ithai
The government has ordered all land buying firms in Ruiru and Juja sub-counties to surrender their members registers, mother titles, maps and other related documents within a week so that the ministry can fast track issuance of title deeds.

The ongoing Ruiru Land Clinic has established that most of these companies have withheld members’ title deeds for more than a decade.

Ruiru Deputy County Commissioner Geofrey Ithai noted that the management of these firms took advantage of the stalemate to siphon cash from unsuspecting landowners.

“Some of these people have even stolen from their members and illegally sold their land. There are numerous cases of multiple allocations of land with others demanding a hefty transaction fees for transfers and clearance for title issuance,” said Ithai.

He noted another issue that hampered title issuance was protracted leadership rows and court cases in these companies.

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