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Police drones piloting helps to net 200 chang’aa brewers along Chania River.

Central Kenya Regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga has warned that the government will henceforth use drones in the fight against crime, drug peddling and in the crackdown on illicit brews.

While speaking during a raid on Chang’aa brewers along River Chania on Saturday, Nyagwanga specifically singled out areas along River Chania in both Murang’a and Kiambu Counties , parts of Juja and Thika’s Kiandutu slums are areas of interest in this war.

“We shall flush out these criminals from their hideouts especially within the slums. With these drones, we can easily spot those peddling drugs or engaging in all manner of crime and arrest them,” he said.

He said since the adoption of the drones technology in Murang’a County last week, they have managed to clear out nine chang’aa distilling spots along Chania River and arrested 200 people involved in the illicit brew trade.

The surveillance will be extended downstream along Thika River to completely clear out chang’aa in the region.

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