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Abandoned at 2 weeks old and orphaned at a very tender age, Stano’s story is simply an inspiration

 Stanley Njuguna Kibue born aka Stano Ezi on his graduation on 20th September 2019. 
25-year old Stanley Njuguna Kibue born aka Stano Ezi’s story is a revelation that with determination and focus, all things are possible.

Stano was born in 1994 in Thika’s Kiandutu slums by alcoholic parents who later abandoned him to live with his grandmother when he was just at the age of 2 weeks.

Living with his grandmother at that tender age was not easy due to her poor financial status.

At the age of 5, he joined Garissa Road (then Kiandutu) Primary School.

Life at school was very hard as his granny could barely afford him food and most times, he reported to school without even having taken any breakfast and could at times find himself without lunch or dinner.

Life as a street boy

When he could not bear it any longer, he quit school in Standard four and went to survive in the streets of Thika as a street boy (chokora). It was in the streets where he learnt to take drugs especially glue and marijuana.

His life began to change for the better two and a half years later when some social workers from ACTION FOR CHILDREN IN CONFLICT, an organisation based in Thika, came to his rescue.

They enrolled him to a Children’s Day care in Majengo estate and also admitted him to a rehab centre.

A year later, Stano agreed to go back to school.

By this time, his grandmother had already passed on and was forced to live with a distant aunt who eked a living through the sale of illicit brews.

Living with her meant that he had to help her brew and also sell the liquor which he did until he completed his secondary school at Broadway High School.  

To forget the embarrassment and humiliation at school, Stano buried his mind into books and games and in most of his free time, he spent playing football. This way, he was able to beat the urge to draw back into drug abuse and crime.

Community service

After Form Four, he kept himself busy playing ghetto football.

He later started teaching life skills and did some motivational speaking in primary schools within the slum with a view to motivate and offer hope to the slum kids.

Eventually, he formed a football team for street boys and other kids in the slum with a view to keeping them off drugs and crime.

It was during those football breaks that he would teach them on the importance of school and the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

His endeavours helped him link up with former Kiandutu alumni who helped him through his mission to rehabilitate and save the ghetto child.

He later secured some job at Macheo Children's Home where he raised some money to join college for part-time Diploma in Community Development and Social Work.

After graduating, he again enrolled for a Diploma in Business Administration and Management, a course he completed and graduated this September.

Meanwhile, in 2014 and in partnership with some friends (Sinja, German teacher ), they founded the Jiamini Community-Based Organisation that currently takes care of 22 orphaned and vulnerable children in Kiandutu slums. It also majors in environmental conservation.

His Aspirations?

Stano hopes to change the lives of people living in the slums and bring hope to the less destitute and marginalised people, especially women, children, and the aged as well.

He advises fellow youth in the ghetto who feel like losing hope in life that “There is always hope in tomorrow and that no one knows what tomorrow holds for them.”

“Your future is in your hands. What you are doing today determines what you will be tomorrow and a little effort leads to greater achievements,” he says.

He concludes by warning them to stay away from drugs and crime.

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