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Meet Tuta Mionki Aka Mwari Wa Thika, the champion rally driver.

Tuta Mionki aka Mwari Wa Thika the rally champion with a passion in driving. Photo Courtesy.
Tuta Mionki Aka Mwari Wa Thika is a Human Resource Practitioner by profession she has curved a niche in Motor Sport entering the history books as Kenya’s first woman navigator to join Kenya National Rallying Championship Premier Class Motor rallying.  She offers her advice to the youth who are would keep saying that there are no jobs to take it upon themselves and take up an opportunity that comes along. She believes that like to the only way to combat the negative perception about lack of jobs in Kenya is pursue whatever one is passionate about with a lot of enthusiasm.

1.      Did you grow up in Thika? 

I was born in Juja Kalimoni and we later moved to Thika, I  went to Thika Memorial Church School for Kindergarten, enrolled to Gatumaini Primary School, went to Mary Hill for my secondary school and eventually ended up in Catholic University of Eastern Africa for my tertiary studies. 

I have fond memories about growing up in  Thika, back in the days we used to go buy Chipo and Sause at MacVast Restaurant, buy sweets at Tit Mala Shop down in Workshop road, playing childhood games such as Bladder, Kabadi, exchanging Novels during school holidays, we also had Interdenominational Youth prayers within Kimathi Estate. Watching KTM football FC play at Thika Stadium back in the days and of course recently relegated Thika United Fc beat Gor Mahia Fc.
Watching cars as a very young girl in Thika I vividly remember accompanying my dad who was a fan of the Safari Rally at Del Monte known as Kenya Canners back then to watch the race.

2.      What do you like about Thika Town? 

The proximity of Thika Town to Nairobi and other environs, the fact that you cannot walk a few metres without bumping into somebody you know and vice versa, there is also the influx of leading retail brands and eateries that are common in Nairobi.

3. What would like to change about Thika? 

I wish our town would be cleaner, there is need to also revamp our buildings especially areas around Workshop Road where we still have buildings that were erected in the 50’s still up there is a huge contrast when you compare them with what you see when coming into town via Gatitu area. Roads within estates such as Kimathi need to be repaired it’s such an eye sore.  How I wish we could regain Thika’s status of being the Birmingham of Kenyan too.

4. What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

They should visit Thika Town because there are plenty of recreational sites such as Thika and Chania Falls at Blue Post when it rains properly, Thika has the best Pork eateries, as well as quite vibrant entertainment culture, though I wish we would have a movie theatre here too.
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