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Uhuru’s childhood driver wishes to meet him to remind him of “the good old days”.

He used to drive young Uhuru Kenyatta with his brother Muhoho to St. Mary’s Muthangari School.
Joseph Njuguna was then a police officer attached to State House and his duties was to drive the former President’s sons to school as he narrates.
 The 76-year-old explains how an order to drive the former President cost his transfer from State House, terming it as envy that saw him resign from the police force.
 Njuguna recalls with nostalgia the behavior of young Uhuru and how he encouraged him to study smart and take after his father.
 He also recalls how the former President could react to happenings around him and how he whipped the police officers using his walking stick.
Njuguna narrates how he shouted the President’s name when he saw him during the last general election campaigns at Kangema’s General Kago Stadium, attracting the President’s attention who shook his hand and ordered him be taken to statehouse. 
He was taken to the statehouse on 2017 but then, the president told him that it was a busy moment and he would wish him visit at a time the two can have a sitting and have a chat.
It is the wish of Mr. Njuguna to meet the President and remind him of the good old days, he says he does not need a job for he is too old for that but appeals to the President to support his children who are jobless.
As a way of giving back to his country, Njuguna has composed songs with national messages, Songs that he sung to us. 
His wife Lucy Njeri narrates how her husband has been craving to meet The President and remind him of their chats while he was young.
She was also a dancer and a soloist who used to entertain Mzee Jomo Kenyatta at her young age.

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