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The full petition to Kiambu County as presented by TDBA.



Thika District Business Association (TDBA) is a membership organization which was launched on June 21st 2013 and whose Mission is to create, nurture, advocate and sustain a conducive environment for the local and international business, efficient delivery of services by the county and National government, as well as promote consensus building through dialogue among stakeholders in order to monitor and fast track social economic development of the County.
Thika Town is a fast growing Business Hub, with industrial, Educational, Hospitality and Real Estate concerns growing at very high levels. The presence of many Banking and Micro Finance institutions in the Town is a positive indicator of its financial capacities and opportunities. TDBA represents this growing Social Economy, and therefore has the members mandate to contribute to the growth of the Town, bearing in mind the fast population growth and settlement in Thika and the environs, which may stretch even further in the next five (5) years.
The membership of TDBA comprises of all categories of Businessmen and women in Thika Town and the larger environs, and whose thoughtful opinions are calculated to support the County government's good intentions in its pursuit to nurture space, environment, and opportunities for growth of the larger County, and the Nation.
TDBA's petition and proposals in the continuing pages will therefore bear credence to Member's own views towards a better Business environment in all the sectors outlined, to enable thriving of their Business, catalyzing the County Revenue and facilitating growth of the entire nation and people's livelihoods in the next 5 years.
TDBA's views will capture the County at large but will bias heavily on Thika Town, as the Organizations preferred area of Reference.

The business community of Thika and Kiambu at large recognize the functions of the county government as per the constitution but also assets that the sovereign power belongs to the people.
We recognize the good work funded by the World Bank in the county and specifically Thika Municipality like:- Mugo Kibiru Road, Town Beautification, Street lighting and storm water drainage. The county Government has also done Babayo Road near River Chania, Bus Terminus at Makongeni and Roads behind prison. Well done for this.
It’s the duty of the citizens to pay levies, licenses and rates for the county government to provide services to its people. Thika people are no exceptional we therefore:-

Petition the county government
1. Fix the entire dilapidated road in the Sub-County, seal all pot holes especially in the CBD and grade all feeder Roads. It’s the duty of the County to push KURA, KENHA and KERRA where appropriate.
2. Fix all drainage channels and cover open manholes urgently and swiftly for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.
3. Address, regulate and fix the thorny issues of hawkers in urge CBD during the day permanently. Ban cooked food hawking in the streets to curb diseases once and for all. A hawkers market should be opened is one of the available gardens when its well lit, and designed for that purpose and can be used 24/7 basis. Outlaw any business undertaken on the parking slots within CBD except temporary promotion ones. Give alternative sites.
4. Remove all illegal structures and kiosks in the CBD, Blocking shops and walkways as matter of urgency for easy access, cleanliness, security, town planning and order.
5. Repair, install and maintain streets lights and masts to good working conditions at all times for illumination and to enhance visibility and security of citizens and traders.
6. Always sweep the streets, collect garbage consistently, thoroughly and hygienically all over the sub-county and mainly town centre at all times.
7. Repair broken pavements, walkways, verandas to get rid of mud and gaping tissues in the CBD.
8. Mark out our roads and put signage for easy traffic flow and safety of pedestrians.
9. Create and increase the number of parking space and slots for motorists, traders, customers and visitors. Paid parking should be reverted from 8.00am-3.00pm and NOT 8.00am-5.00pm. Parking fee should be Ksh.60 and NOT Ksh.100 as agreed during the Finance Bill Public Participation.
NO RESERVED PARKING between 6.00pm and 8.00am.
At County Level, reduce the wage bill, curb, pilferage and theft, allocate more to development and public services, embrace public participation and consultation for priority in undertaking projects.
The above Ten Items are matter of urgency and constituency should uphold at all times.
Long term projects
1) Since the By-passes are being done by KENHA from Gatonye, Delemonte, through BAT to Kiganjo and superhighway, The County should upgrade and open factory road at Nampak and Booth Alex Roads to join the By Pass at Madharau and slaughter House.
2) Finish and open Harry Thuku Road to open at Metro fill urgently
3) Partner with KENHA for an interchange at Gatitu Junction to decongest The Town and Garissa Road.
4) Improve storm water drainage at Tuskys Chania Area which was poorly done.
5) Upgrade Jamhuri and Madaraka Markets to accommodate more people creating more business spaces and Revenue for County.
6) Through the Transport Committee, have designated areas as dropping and picking points for Tuk Tuks, Motorbikes, Matatus and Buses.
7) Address the issue of Beggars and street families with finally.
8) Equip our Hospitals with Drugs and medical facilities permanently for good health of our people. Set up a doctor’s plaza at Thika Level 5 and Kiambu.
9) County should encourage and enhance Public, Private Partnership in projects to hasten services to the people.
10) The County Government should always work closely with the County Administration, Kenya Police Service in harmonizing security matters in County down to the Sub-County always.
11) Security of citizens and Businesses is a right and not a privilege.
However we shall not allow the County enforcement or any other entity to Harass our already down trodden traders at any time. We shall protect our Businesses and our livelihoods without fear and at any consequence.


The opportunities for growth for Kiambu County in the next five years are numerous. TDBA encourages constant and consistent stakeholder involvement in the county Government affairs has stipulated in article 10 of chapter two of our constitution. We request the County Governor; Members of the County Executive, Members of the County Assembly to always consult with the stakeholders, BMOs and other elected leaders especially members of parliament for harmony and faster growth of our County.
We also need to place convenient timeline and evaluation mechanism, preferably timed after every one year, so that all suggestions are executed as per the demand of our fast growing population.
Finally, we remind The County Government that Sovereign Power belongs to the people.


Signed here under, by:-
……………………………….. …………………………………
KIRANGI WAWERU Alfred K. Wanyoike
S.G. for T.D.B.A Chairman – TDBA & KRBC
• Hon. Member of Parliament – Thika Town Constituency
• The D.C.C Thika West
• The D.C.C Thika East
• MCAs – Thika Sub-County

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